Tesco jelly beans

My favourite sweet of all time is the jelly bean and I was far too excited to realise that tesco had removed the beeswax from their own brand jelly beans!!

These taste no different to your regular jelly beans and are now clearly labelled as suitable for vegans. I also believe the packet is only 60p (if not less) so definitely one of the cheaper options out there.

I am so glad that theyhave finally removed beeswax from their ingredients and that i can once again treat myself to the best sweet out there. I will check back next time too to see if they have updated the recipes on some oft heir other products: I believe the blueberry and strawberry bon-bons were vegan friendly aside from the beeswax so I shall let you know what I find!

T xxx

Swizzels Puds sweets

I used to love Maoam sweets. Now of course they are not vegan friendly, so I have simply done without them over the years. At first I missed the candy, but there are so ,many candy options now I haven’t really thought about them for some time. And then I saw this packet of Swizzels Puds and got far too excited.

I have never seen these before – and they were very clearly labelled vegan so I naturally snapped them up! Now that I look at the picture of the packaging though, it has only now occurred to me that they are named Great British Puds, because they are literally the flavoured to taste like some of Britain’s best loved desserts. I was clearly too excited to really notice any of the finer details….

These are lovely. They actually taste of what they deem to be a copy of. Personally, the Lemon Meringue was the best flavour that tasted identical to how I remember lemon meringue tasting. The others were still good, but you could tell that they were synthetic. Not a bad thing, just an observation. Be warned too that they are SUPER chewy. These things stick to your teeth like cement so be very careful if you have fillings or braces. In all honesty, I’d even say maybe skipping them all together if you have anything in your mouth which you wish to remain where it is.

The worst part of these – and really quite a huge factor for the score I am going to give it – is the damn wrapping. Just as the sweet clings to your teeth, the individual wrapping sticks to the candy as if life depended on it. I spent more time trying to take the wrapping off than I actually spent eating the candy itself. Plus the more you try to pull at the wrapping, the less likely it is to come off, and you get stuck with those horrible tiny scraps of plastic wrapping all over your hands, which are also now super sticky from holding the candy for about 3 minutes while you try to unwrap it.

The worst part is, no matter how carefully you manage to unwrap the sweet, you will ALWAYS end up with a tiny little sliver embedded into the candy that you then have to try and take out of your mouth while it’s already full with the sticky cement of the sweet.

These sweets taste amazing, but the battle you have to go through to even get to the eating stage is a joke. It’s not even worth it. You’d be quicker making vegan versions of the real desserts and eating that, rather than wasting hours of your life wrestling with tiny bits of thin and flimsy plastic wrapping. If you have time, then definitely give these a go, but be prepared for one hell of a battle.

Overall: For the candy 9/10. For the overall experience 1/10.

T xxx

Bon Bag Vegan selection

It was my partners birthday in June and one of his lovely colleagues gifted him this huge bag of vegan sweets. So naturally I had to try at least SOME of them.

Now this bag was huge. It was 800g and it was filled to the brim with candies. There was also a really good selection: gummy bears, sugar gummy bears, sour rings, cola bottles, milk bottles, bubblegum bottles (lots of bottles basically) and spaceman gummies. They also had strawberries and wine gum type gummies. So definitely a really good selection of different sweets.

I think all in all in took us about a week and a bit to get through the packet, so they definitely are not something you can eat in one sitting. Well…I mean you probably COULD eat it in one sitting but I don’t think you’d feel too great afterwards. I always find that vegan sweets are a lot tougher than the non-vegan kind: The gummy is more like a wine gum than a jelly baby. If that makes sense. As such, they are pretty darn chewy so probably not the best option if you have braces/fillings.

As these were a gift, I am not sure where they were brought from so don’t know how much they actually cost. Having a quick look online, it seems you can buy this bag, for example, for about £12. Which is actually a lot cheaper than I thought it might be considering the huge size you get. If you want to buy a decent vegan gift for someone these are definitely a great option.

That being said, while these are great for a gift, you can get smaller packets of vegan sweets in most supermarkets without having to spend a lot of money. Tesco, for example, have 3 for £1 deal on their sweets, and there are about 5 or 6 accidentally vegan options to choose from. Also, a lot of products are now being made to be vegan friendly – such as wine gums – or were always vegan – like skittles. I imagine this type of packet though would be a good idea to give to someone that is either just starting their vegan journey and wants some ideas, or to someone who is still questioning veganism to show them just how many options are out there these days.

Overall: 7/10. As a gift idea it would be 10/10, but it’s probably not something you would buy for yourself on too regular a basis.

T xxx

Candy Kittens: Sour Watermelon gummies

Candy Kittens are definitely a gourmet sweet company. Their packets used to be quite expensive (usually around £3 depending on where you found them) but lately I’ve noticed they have become a bit cheaper and more widely available. Which is wonderful news! I hope it is because the demand for the vegan candies has been so high that they can now lower to price to be more in line with the rest of their non-vegan range.

These are so moreish. What is really nice about them is that they also do taste like what they say they will: sour watermelon. I mean when I say it like that it doesn’t sound too tasty but….trust me! These are very yummy. They also do a basic watermelon flavour so do try those as well if you find them.

There isn’t much to say about these. They are very nice gummies that actually have the gummy texture of Haribo type gummies. Sometimes vegan sweets that say they are gummy end up being a bit too chewy and can sometimes leave a weird texture on your teeth when you bite into them. Where they’re sticky but not sticky? If you’ve ever had bad vegan gummies you know what I’m talking about! But Candy Kittens are always very good and have always been a special treat in my household.

Overall: 9/10. Quite expensive compared to other options but I think they are worth the extra price.

T xxx

Gummy Polar Bears

Gummy bears! In all my years of searching, I have only ever been able to find small packets of gummy bears and they are usually quite expensive. But then a lovely lady at work brought these in for me as a Christmas treat and I now think I love her.

These are so good! The bottle is also a pretty good size, so you get a good amount of bears. They are also coated in sugar so that’s always a win.

Texture wise they aren’t that ‘gummy’ but they are nice and chewy. I tried to work out if the different colours meant a different flavour and honestly….I could not tell you. I used to do the same thing with Sour Patch Kids, but I don’t know if it actually makes a difference. All the bears tasted the same (so far as I could tell).

Overall: 7/10. Really good, but I don’t think I need to eat so much candy in one sitting on a regular basis…

T xxx

Daisy & Dam Ballers

FINALLY! Vegan malteasers!

A lovely person at work gifted these to me as she found them at her local corner shop. These things are basically malteasers, but oddly enough are actually nicer than malteasers.

These do not melt the same way that malteasers do, but they have such a satisfying crunch to them that I actually really prefer. They are light and chocolatey and the dark chocolate of them gives you a nice little after kick which is really nice. You also get quite a lot of them in the little bags, and as they are dark chocolate they are quite rich, so luckily (for me anyway) you can’t really eat the entire bag in one sitting.

Not much else to say about these…well done Daisy & Dam! Will definitely be looking into this brand more to see what else they have on offer.

Overall: 10/10. You can’t fault these. Love them!

T xxx

Vegan alternative to ‘Percy Pigs’

Aldi does it once again! VEGAN. PERCY. PIGS.

Ok they are not actually percy pigs but these are the perfect alternative. Leo the Lion comes to the rescue! I also saw that they had other creature on offer (Ozzy the Ostrich or something like that?) so I will definitely be trying those as soon as I can get back to the store!

There isn’t much to say about these, except that they taste almost exactly the same as Percy Pigs do. They have the same sort of texture as the veggie Percy Pigs and taste slightly more like lemon and lime. But either way these things are delicious and yes I did eat he whole bag by myself. And yes Henry was mad at me for not sharing. But these were too good to share!

Overall: 9/10. The perfect alternative to the percy pigs and are also super affordable!

T xxx

Vegan Rice Crispy Squares

It is now October, which means it is Halloween! Halloween has always been one of my favourite holidays: bad horror movies, fancy dress, and the official start of Autumn. Big baggy jumpers and cosy nights at home with lots and lots of sweet treats.

Henry and I were talking and we realised that I cannot remember ever making rice crispy treats. This therefore means that I have not yet truly lived. So we went to our local shop and picked up the ingredients, and we spent our very rainy, grey weekend baking treats and watching bad movies together.

Found these in Holland and Barrett: They do vanilla, strawberry and a mixed one. For this we just used vanilla.


The main ingredients!
  • 1 1/2 cup of Rice snaps (you can use whatever brand you feel like. We went with Tesco own brand simply because it was £2 cheaper than actual Rice Krispies!). If you want to make them extra decadent you could use coco pops or similar!
  • 150g (or two pre-packaged bags) Marshmallows – again whichever vegan ones you can find. I hear the Aldi ones are amazing, but alas our store was too far to walk in the middle of a downpour.
  • 1 tbsp Butter


  • Melt the butter in a pan. Once melted, add in your marshmallows and stir until it is all melted. Depending on the brand, the time this takes may vary, but it took us about 5-7 minutes.
  • Add in your rice snaps. Again, we mostly eye-balled this as we weren’t sure how absorbent the marshmallow would be. Mix it all together until you get a pretty big ball of treat.
  • Spread the mixture into a tray and flatten as best you can. We used a bread tin because we wanted pretty thick squares, but you can use whatever size and shape you want your treats to be.
  • Leave to set. Ours set really quickly and was cool enough to eat within about 10 minutes.
The butter made it look slightly yellow, but it all dried fine.

Have you guys tried making these before? Let me know in the comments if there are any other Halloween/Fall treats I should try and make!

T xxx