Little Moons mochi ice cream: mango and passionfruit

I have never had mochi before, but I have seen everyone online raving about how great these little ice cream mochi balls are. Now I know that mochi is usually made from rice, and is mixed with sugar, fruit or other sweet things to make little dessert balls. They are originally from Japan and in recent years have had a real surge in popularity here in the UK. The regular mochi always look so appealing, so I thought I would take a chance on these.

Maybe it’s because I was expecting a more rice like texture, that these things really threw me. I am still not sure if I actually like them. The outside is almost like a gum – I was sort of expecting it to be somewhat doughy – like a dough ball but a bit softer – but it was more like a soft haribo gummy bear. It tasted like icing sugar though. So naturally my brain did not know what to do with it all!

The actual ice cream inside was delicious though. I could eat passion-fruit and mango all day every day so this ice cream was haven to me. It was rich and creamy and really woke you up with the amount of sharp flavour you got. I am not sure if the outer part sort of diluted the ice cream a bit – whether it is meant to or not I don’t really know – as the flavours were definitely more muted when you first bite into it, compared to when you’re about half way through.

They also were somewhat messy, as it did feel like the ice cream wasn’t actually connected to the outer coat by anything – I feared I’d take a bite and the whole ice cream part would just fall straight out. The outside also got quite sticky, no doubt as it melted slightly from the warmth of may hands as I ate it, so it did feel even messier. The package did say to take them out of the freezer and leave them for 5 minutes at room temperature before you start eating them, so maybe that it what makes it so gelatinous? I think next time, I may ignore the advice of letting it melt a bit first and see if that holds it together and makes it a bit more appetising texture wise.

As I said, I still can’t work out if I did like these. Perhaps it is more because my expectations were for something a bit more solid than what I actually got. I almost expected something similar to an ice cream sandwich than the ice cream candy ball I did get. You do get 6 balls in a packet though, so I do have some more to try later on to see if I enjoy it better now I know what to expect. Perhaps it’s an acquired texture? Like with mushrooms?

They are somewhat expensive – I picked these up for £5 – but I guess that does work out to be about 85p (I am not doing the exact math) per ball which actually sounds like quite the bargain. I had two, and it was more than enough. I think anymore than that and you’d just end up feeling very sick. I imagine this pack will probably last me at least 2 more servings, and as they keep in the freezer they don’t have any real expiry date to them. I am using these at the moment as my one weekly dessert (I am trying a new training programme which also includes quite a ‘clean eating’ meal plan to go with it) so one packet can easily last me a whole month. So I guess in that regard it is actually quite affordable.

Overall: 5/10. Jury is still out….more research needed.

T xxx

Creams chocolate strawberry cookie dough

Today marks the start of a well needed week off from work. When I last thought about, I haven’t had a week off since Christmas and…needless to say I am absolutely shattered! My partner has also managed to book this week off so we have a very busy weekend planned of movie nights, lazy days playing video games and possibly a few day trips now that we are allowed out and about a bit more now.

To start the week, we decided to test out a place that we always say we are going to try and yet have never really been there before. Creams is a dessert parlour chain, with locations all over the place. They do have a pretty extensive menu online but I have found that most of the actual venues will have slightly less than what is advertised online. Which is quite annoying because the vegan selection at my local is really not much of a selection: two cookie dough flavours and a milkshake. They do have gelato but honestly I don’t think it’s hot enough still in Britain to justify anything like that.

I decided to try the strawberry and chocolate cookie dough and LORD HAVE MERCY….

The waitress wished me good luck when she put it down in front of me. Which probably says all you need to know about this dish. That, and two words: Sugar. Shock.

This was so sickly sweet I think I will be done with sweet treats for he rest of the year. Genuinely thought I could see sound by about the third bite and I am very impressed I didn’t have a heart attack at the end of this. It was very yummy though.

The cookie dough was not what I was expecting, but then I don’t think I have had cookie dough in…well…6 years at this point. I thought it would be more like a very gooey, nearly fully baked cookie, but it was more crumbly than that. It had the grainy texture of a cookie that had been blitz into crumbs, and then loosely backed onto the bottom of the tray and then microwaved with chocolate sauce. It was boiling hot when it came out, so maybe just be aware of that as I think I burnt my mouth.

The strawberries were super sharp and were actually a really nice contrast to the hot cookie dough. I like to think that at least they counted as one of my five a day but….really I don’t think they did much to offset the copious amounts of sugar I was also ingesting.

I hate to admit it but this is not something that I could have eaten on a regular basis. This is like a once a year treat. It was a lot of sugar and while it was a pretty big size, about an hour later I was hungry again but still feeling too sickly to actually want to eat anything. So it is clearly not at all nutritionally valuable – but I don’t know why you would expect anything different.

Overall: 7/10. It was good to have a sugary binge, but I think that is me sorted for another year.

T xxx

Sweet Sweet Crodots

According to Google, a cronut is a cross between a donut and a croissant. Which I think means it’s like a very layered donut. I have heard people raving about these lately, so decided to try these vegan ones which I found in tesco. They came in a pack of 2 for £1.50, so if they were awful at least I didn’t spend much on them!

They are…odd. And I can’t decide in a good way or not. They look like a donut, but taste like a slightly sweet croissant. They are no where near as sweet and sugary as a donut would be, but are not as flaky or savoury as a croissant.

Because they are quite flaky on the inside, they are very light. They do not have that stodgy texture that donuts have. They don’t flake though….like the whole cronut sticks together like a donut would, but inside you have these super light and airy layers. They weren’t that sweet either….if I had to compare it I would say it tasted like brioche. Not too sweet, but just a nice little sugary kick to confuse your brain enough into thinking you were actually eating a donut.

I have no idea what the nutritional comparison is between a donut and cronut. But I would say that this did feel like a lighter treat. Because it was stodgy, I didn’t feel all bloated after eating it, and the subtle sweetness was enough to satisfy my sugar cravings without giving myself sugar shock.

Personally though I found them very plain. Like perhaps if you covered it with some fruit, or perhaps a nice chocolate sauce, it might have given it that little extra push into being a full dessert. I still have one left so perhaps I will try mixing it with a few different options and let you know how I get on. If you have any ideas, please let me know in the comments and I’ll give them all a go!

Overall: 6/10. Possibly more of an accompanying dessert piece than a stand alone treat. Worth a try, but nothing too amazing.

T xxx

Lovett’s apple pie

Oh dear oh dear…I knew I was finding too many good things for it to last.

In winter there is nothing more comforting and heart warming than an apple pie. Or apple crumble. Or anything apple based really. We actually got this just before Christmas but have only now had the opportunity to try it. It is a frozen dessert so lasts a really long time.

But my what a let down. It tasted….fine. It tasted like apples and a bit of pastry. That’s it. There was nothing else to it. It was very bland and just….pointless.

It also didn’t cook too well. Maybe this is just my oven but the outside crust got burnt and the inside of the pie was still raw….or maybe it just got really soggy from being frozen but either way it was mush in the middle and brunt to a crisp on the outside. And yet it still didn’t taste of anything!

Overall: 1/10. Just make your own. Any taste – even bad taste – is better than no taste.

T xxx

Tesco Free From Strawberry Cheesecakes

I haven’t seen these before in my shop, co cannot confirm if they are a ‘new’ item. But I am counting them as new to me! I found these in Tesco in the vegan section and despite my new years resolution being to eat more healthy foods, I caved. We also bought the Ring Fit Adventure over Christmas so I feel I have earned a little treat at the end of a week.

Unfortunately these are pretty meh. They taste fine and they look fine. But they;re nothing special. They also don’t really have a texture. They sort of have the texture of…soggy cake? Like a mousse but thinker. You take a bite and it kind of melts in your mouth but also leaves weird bits also in your mouth. I mean it does taste perfectly fine – it tastes like strawberry cheesecake – but it just doesn’t have that creamy cheesecake texture to it.

One of the upsides to these dessert though is that it is free from most of the big allergies: no egg, no dairy, no gluten, no wheat and also no nuts (although there was a ‘may contain’ for nuts in the ingredients). I have seen that trying to find vegan and gluten free foods quite hard to do, so it is good to see that the entire Free From section has really expanded this month to include a lot of new stuff. Perhaps that is why the texture is a little off, because it is missing both gluten and wheat which are usually used as binding agents in food.

It is also worth noting that they were only £1.50 at my store for a pack of two. The pots are a decent size, where one is definitely enough for one person. So I guess I can’t really expect for it to be patisserie levels of quality. I’m glad I tried them but there are way better dessert options out there.

Overall: 3/10. Probably won’t try again.

T xxx

Plant Kitchen Chocolate Cherry pots

I never thought it would be possible to experience a miracle twice, but M&S continue to just raise the bar on amazing desserts.


The Plant Kitchen cherry chocolate pot has changed my life. It is basically the same type of dessert as their previous chocolate pot, but with a lovely cherry compote on top of it rather than the ganache.


My God….how do M&S do it?!

This pot comes in a pack of two for £4, so works out the same price as the individual chocolate ganche pots. In hindsight, £2 for what is a pretty small dessert may be a bit much, but I would argue that these little pots of joy are worth every single penny! Plus, if these were to be sold in an actual restaurant you can bet they’d be about £15. So £4 for two is really a bargain, especially when you think about how expensive M&S is compared to other places.

This is just wonderful. The cherry is nice refreshing addition to the really creamy chocolate mousse, and gives it all a nice little zing of flavour. Again, I could have licked the entire container clean and it took all of my restraint not to eat the pack of two in one euphoric sitting.

I have no other words for this. It is a masterpiece. M&S…top job!

Overall: 20/10. I can’t wait to see what M&S do to try and peak this. 

T xxx

Tesco Churros

I love finding foods that are accidentally vegan, i.e they are not made to be vegan friendly, but they turn out to contain no animal products of any sort. There are a few options available in the Tesco party food freezer section, but these churros are definitely the best of them.


One pack contains 12 or 13 (so far, out of the 7 times we have had these, 6 of them had 13 churros instead of 12) so are fairly cost effective if you want to serve a few people. Me, being the tubster that I am, simply split these with my partner and we have 6 each….we take it in turns as to who gets the extra one. Because we have a relationship based on fairness and sugary foods.


Warning: When you take these out of the oven, let them sit for about five minutes because the chocolate centre is molten lava. I have burned my mouth too many times because I am impatient. The packet also comes with a little sachet of sugar to sprinkle over them, but even I have to admit that it seems like an excessive amount of sugar for relatively small churros. I always end up having a little puddle of sugar at the bottom on the bowl once I’ve finished.

That being said, they are very yummy. They are exactly what you would expect from party food….so…there is that.

Overall: 7/10. These are a really good little dessert, but they are essentially party food. Not the worst, but also not the best.

T xxx