PHD smart plant peanut butter and jelly protein bar

We had a big walking day the other day and in 30 degree heat (Celsius) it was not going to be an overly pleasant day. I therefore thought it best to bring some heavy duty snacks with me to keep me going throughout the day and thought that some protein bars would be a good option. Now I don’t have them that often because usually protein bars are more sugar than any other ingredient, but in this heat and with so much walking I thought it best to keep my sugar levels up and not risk heat stroke.

I decided to try this PHD smart plant protein bar. I have found the PHD protein range to be really good quality and to actually taste good too, as well as having really good macros to it. The protein bar was surely a safe bet and so I decided to try the peanut butter and jelly one.

Now right off the bat this bar isn’t too bad. Does it taste like peanut butter and jelly? No, not really. But it doesn’t taste bad either. It was definitely more savoury than you’d expect a bar to be but I would not have been able to tell the flavour had I not already known it. It didn’t really even taste of peanuts, although it did have that odd texture that you usually get with peanut-flavoured things. The almost grainy texture? That’s the one I mean – like peanut paste more than actual peanuts. In all honesty it tasted more like a plain protein shake…like maybe a very subtle vanilla flavour?

Luckily the chocolate covering gave it a nice little taste and it also had rice krispee treats (or something similar) to the top of it which gave it a very satisfying crunch. The main bulk of the bar though had a texture similar to nougat, where it was light and fluffy but also kind of sticky. Again, not necessarily a bad thing as I did actually quite enjoy the bar for just being quite basic.

Price wise this bar was £2 in my local Tesco. Now you do get a pretty big and long bar compared to your basic chocolate bars, but I still think £2 is too much to be spending on one little bar on a regular basis. I imagine these would be good snacks for those very active days, or if you were camping/hiking/festival going and needed some high energy foods that didn’t take up too much room, then sure these would work. But as an every day ‘healthy snack’, I honestly think you’d be better off just having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It would be way cheaper in the long run and I feel it would fill you up just as much.

Overall: 5/10. Nice enough but unfortunately not exactly what is advertised.

T xxx

PHD Smart protein mousse

I have tried the PHD range of protein before and they remain one of my favourite ranges out there. The protein mixes well and the taste is very true to what flavour it claims to be on the front. Now that I am starting to work out more and focus on my macros, I decided to start having some protein around the house again for those days when I feel a little bit sore or feel like I need to top up my protein values.

Now the packet does say that you can mix the powder with less water and it will become a mousse. It does actually recommend to do this with milk but I completely missed that part and so did it with just water.

It did thicken up really well and definitely had that mousse texture. It wasn’t as light and bubbly as a mousse, but that may have been my mixing technique and the fact that I mixed it with a fork. Perhaps if I tried it with an actual whisk it may have worked a bit better? Either way the consistency was mousse like.

Texture wise however it did not win. The problem with protein powder is that it is powder – you need a fair amount of water to really make it all dissolve and to remove that horrible grainy texture that so many other powders tend to have. As such, the mousse, while it did taste nice, it was so grainy I may have just been eating spoonfuls of dry powder. Maybe with milk it smooths it out a lot more but the water was definitely not a pleasant experience.

Good news though was that it didn’t thicken it up so much that it wouldn’t mix further once more water was added. I ended up just adding more water and having a regular shake and that solved the grainy issue completely.

Overall: 3/10. Protein good, mousse bad.

T xxx

Couch to 5k programme

I used to run all the time and I used to really enjoy it. But about 3 years ago it started to be more of a habit than an actual hobby. I was going to the gym to run for 25 minutes, purely so I could say that I had been for a run. My thoughts started to get quite disordered with it too, where I started to think that if I went for a run, I was then allowed to have that chocolate biscuit for dessert. If I didn’t run, I was only allowed x amount of calories, or I was only allowed a ‘healthy’ meal rather than what I actually wanted. My runs started to become a bargaining move, rather than something I did for my health and overall well-being. As someone who has previously struggled with an eating disorder, it started to feel like a very thin line I was walking.

I started running because I wanted something that would improve my health, but also allow me to get out of the house and to just have some me time. I have never really tracked how fast I am, or how far I could run. I would have my routes that I would run, and I would usually decide on the day where I felt like going. When I joined the gym, it was nice to have a constant speed, so I could zone out on everything and just enjoy the movement. I would put my music on and in a way it felt like dancing. It was nice to have a proper break from my racing thoughts and everyday stresses of life, and just focus on putting one foot in front of the other.

Lockdown then hit and any chance of me going to the gym was squashed. I did a few runs during our allocated one hour of outside time, but other than that I tried out some different workouts: HIIT, yoga, barre, dance. It was nice to try movements that were actually fun, and made it seem more like a game than an actual challenge.

But a year later I missed the routine. I missed having that little hour that was just for me to focus on me and what I was doing. So once gyms were allowed to reopen, I signed up and decided to truly commit to an actual training programme. Before, I had always just sort of winged it, making it up as I went along. I have done so many workouts in my lifetime, and know enough about fitness that I know the basics of what you do to work each muscle group. I could make up little routines that would do what I needed them to. But I have never really followed a proper workout plan, so I decided that I shall commit to one and just see how it goes.

Enter Couch to 5k. I used the official app created by the BBC to encourage people to become more active, and I have heard so many say that it was a really good introduction to running. Now I knew that I could run for 30 minutes without stopping (if i really put my mind to it), but I thought I might as well just start as an absolute beginner and see if I can just enjoy the process. The app is really simple, but it does exactly what you need it to. You can also chose from a group of celebrities to be your voice guide as you run – I chose Sarah Millican (an comedian here in England) who has the thickest Geordie accent so was automatically way more entertaining. She also had the cutest little pep talks (I may even calling people flower and pet more often!) and being naturally funny means the runs were a lot more relaxed and more enjoyable.

You start really small – 60 seconds of running, 90 second walking – on repeat for about 20 minutes. Each run also starts with 5 minutes of walking, and ends with 5 minutes of walking to give you a proper warm up and cool down. As you progress each week, these intervals go up until you can run for 30 minutes solidly without any walking breaks. The programme is 9 weeks long, but you are able (and sometimes encouraged) to repeat weeks if you feel you need a bit more practice or are not ready to step it up just yet. Personally, I think I may have been better to repeat weeks 7 or 8 before I finished week 9, as the jump from 60 second walking breaks to none at all for 25 minutes was actually a bit jarring on some days. It is also designed to only be 3 runs a week, and it states that you should try to leave one day of rest between each run. Which is actually really good advice. In most plans I have seen before, they seem to want you to run 4-5 days a week with ‘active rest days’ (a day where you maybe go for a long bike ride or walk, rather than actually resting) which I have always found to be unsustainable in the long run.

If you have ever wondered about running and whether it is for you, I would definitely recommend this app. It starts off very easy, as it is designed for people who have never ran before in their life. It builds slowly, yet allows you to see real progress as you go through. There is also no leader board or competitive aspect to it: you can’t add friends so they see your progress, or compares your times to those of other app users. It is purely for you to run for you. To allow you to see your progress and no one else unless you wish to show them. I found this refreshing, as I have never been a competitive person so being forced to compete just makes me feel inadequate and uncomfortable.

This app also allowed me to enjoy running again. It built up in such a way that even after a 25 minute run, I didn’t feel too gassed and would actually have been happy to run for a bit longer. In the later weeks as well, you do start to recognise what your comfortable pace is and also when you hit that rhythm, you fully understand the elusive ‘runners high’. I did a 5k run as my penultimate run in week 9 and actually beat my goal! I had wanted to see if I could run 5k in under 40 minutes (as I say, I have never been a fast runner so was not expecting anything ground breaking) and I managed it in 39 minutes! It may seem small, but when you start running you realise what a massive difference a few seconds can make to your entire mood. Also for someone who hasn’t run properly in about 2 years, it felt so good to enjoy running again.

That being said, there were definitely days where running felt like death: my legs felt like rubber, my feet felt like cement, I was tired and stressed and couldn’t think of anything worse than going for a run. But I found I genuinely felt 10 times better after I forced myself to go for a run. I felt lighter, and more awake, and I also felt like I had accomplished something that day. Some days I was clearly faster than other days, and some days I definitely needed longer to recover my breath at the end, but I never regretted going for a run. It was also a good kick of extra endorphins to see myself completing a new run, and actually progressing through the programme. Once I hit my rhythm, and fell into the flow of my run, I could actually let my mind wander: sometimes I would plan what I was going to buy with my next paycheck, other days I would plan out whole new story ideas. But sometimes I couldn’t think about anything at all. I would just listen to the music, and let my body move as if on auto pilot, and just watch the people around me whether in the gym or on a run outside.

I know this is a bit of a different post to what I normally do, but I am so bloomin’ proud of myself for completing not only this programme but also my first proper 5k in 2 years! I feel I got myself out of my little funk and I am now actually quite inspired to keep it up. Maybe I will try now to work on my time, to see if I can complete a 5k in under 30 minutes. Maybe I might also sign up to do a charity fun run, where I can push myself that little bit further while also raising money for an important cause.

I thought I would therefore share my experience because I know I can’t be the only one who has found this last year and a half a bit challenging. Here in the UK, we are still not really able to go on holiday (well we are but it comes with so many conditions it feels like it’s more stress than simply staying at home) and many places are still restricting how many people can come in at one time. Making plans is also quite stressful, as everything now comes with the added stress of a potential ‘pinging’, meaning you have to self-isolate and potentially cancel more plans moving forward. Everything is still very uncertain, and while you try to do your best, sometimes you do just wish things could go back to normal. Perhaps I am just feeling a bit emotional (endorphins are so great omg) but this little app genuinely gave me a goal to work towards that depended purely on me: I didn’t have to rely on anyone else to make it all happen, I just had to go outside and run.

There are also a number of Couch to 5k apps available, so it may be worth trying one that suits your goals. I have seen there are a few that actually track your run, so you can see each week what your time and pace is like if that is something you may want. I went with the BBC version purely because it is the most popular here in the UK. Moving forward, I may even repeat some of the weeks as part of an interval training programme. But have a little search around to find one that works best for you.

Overall: 50/10. Even if it running ends up not being for you, this is such a great programme to give a try. You will most likely surprise yourself.

T xxx

Raw Bake station vanilla choc chic cookies

I found these in my cupboard and realised that I had missed them from a variety box of goodies that I got about a month ago! That sounds so unlike me, doesn’t it? Now I am not usually a big fan of ‘raw’ treats – I’d rather just eat fruit as a ‘raw snack’ than buy these sorts of products. But I guess it is all worth a try isn’t it?

These cookies were tiny little bites, but they were surprisingly quite nice. They don’t taste very sweet, most likely because they are made of oats. The chocolate chunks do give a nice little crunch and a little sweetness to them, but apart from a little bit of maple syrup I don’t believe there is any sugar in these at all.

Now because they are mostly made up of oats, they were very filling and were quite stodgy. I could only manage about half a packet! As a snack I feel this would be too much for me in one sitting, but I reckon this would be a really good thing to eat if you are about to do a massive workout. You know how they say for marathon running you should always carry jelly babies to keep your energy up while running? I think these would be a really good vegan alternative. I definitely felt full for the rest of the day even after only half a packet, so no doubt the whole thing would keep you going for a marathon.

Price wise I did get it as part of a goodie pack, so I’m not sure if you can buy these individually. Looking on their website, you can buy a box of 10 for £18. £8 per packet does seem quite expensive, but I think the majority of raw products are more expensive than you would expect. Not sure why really but I guess it is because the raw food movement is still somewhat niche and not that mainstream just yet.

Overall: 5/10. Way too expensive, but I can see the potential in them.

T xxx

PHD Smart Plant Protein: Eton Mess

Now that I ma getting back into my fitness, I have decided to start drinking protein again. I used to drink it a lot when I was working out 5-6 days a week and found that I recovered a lot quicker than if I went without. I am now getting to the point where DOMs are starting to kick in more regularly (as I up my cardio distance and time, as well my weight lifting numbers) and these protein shakes have actually helped so much with the soreness.

I have always found vegan protein to be quite hit and miss. They either don’t taste of anything or they are really high in sugar in order to taste of something. They also always seem to mix terribly – no matter how hard I shake the bottle or how much water I use, they always end up with this gritty powdery texture while drinking. Over the years I simply learnt to accept that this is what vegan protein is like and made my peace with this.

My partner (who has far more years experience with the gym and protein) always raved about the non-vegan PHD range. I had a look at some of their macros and was too impressed. They also had two vegan options to try so I decided to just give it a go. Worst case, they would be like every other vegan protein I have tried. Best case, it would become my staple.

Best case worked out! This stuff is lovely! It mixes like an absolute dream too. It does take a fair bit of mixing (be prepared for sore arms if mixing by hand) but it will end up smooth and velvety – no gritty texture or powdery taste at all. It also tastes like what it says it is meant to taste like: The Eton Mess did taste like strawberries and cream and was a really nice after dinner drink to satisfy any sugar cravings I may have had.

There are also instructions on the packet to make a protein mousse. You simply mix the powder with some milk and it eventually whips up into a light mousse you can enjoy as a snack or a dessert. I didn’t try making this (as I would rather just drink my protein) but now that I know how this protein mixes, I think I may finally give it a go. Just to see really.

I have also tried the chocolate cookies flavour and personally I preferred that one over the Eton Mess. Purely because I have a proper weakness for anything chocolate flavoured. But I was very pleasantly surprised by this range and I definitely will be buying this on a regular basis.

Downside is they don’t seem to do packets bigger than 500g, which for me lasts just under 2 weeks (roughly 4-5 shakes a week). The packets costs £12, so for that price it is actually quite good value for money. But ideally, if it something you will be drinking every day, it would obviously be more beneficial to buy a bulk bag size of it all to just keep in stock. There is nothing more disappointing than having a really hard gym session to come home and realise that you only have enough left in the packet to make half a scoop. Granted it’s better than nothing but sometimes you can just tell when you are going to hurt in the morning.

Overall: 8/10. Chocolate flavour is preferred, and a bigger bag would be ideal. But definitely a top runner for protein!

T xxx

My Protein carb crusher

One of the most common questions I am asked when I say that I am vegan (as I’m sure every other vegan can attest to) is ‘where do you get your protein?’. The most common answer is ‘from my food’. However I have also been quite the active person for most of my life and used to work out at least 5-6 times a week. I was doing a lot of running and also starting to get into a bit of weight training and endurance training. When training, I found that drinking protein shakes meant that I usually recovered way quicker and wasn’t left with the dreaded DOMs for the rest of the week.

I fell off of that routine at the beginning of 2020, as I changed jobs and no longer had a gym within a reasonable distance to where I lived. I do not have a car and my closest gym is still a 30 minute walk for me. Then with 2020 being as it was, I couldn’t have gone to the gym anyway. This year I have finally started to get back into a regular work out routine which is involving a lot of body weight exercising. I am therefore back on the protein hype, as I did not expect my body to ache as much as it has done these past few weeks of regular exercise once again!

I was sent this carb crusher with my protein order (review to follow, don’t you worry!) and so decided to give it a go. It was…odd.

The chocolate on the outside was…ok. But the inside was odd. It was sort of like nougat in the middle but it was super powdery. Like….really powdery. It tasted like they took the protein powder, clumped it together in a mould and then covered it in chocolate. It didn’t taste bad so to say, because it really didn’t taste of anything. But I guess it did work as a carb crusher because you take a few bites, are left with such a weird powdery texture in your mouth that you then don’t really want to finish it. It also makes you drink a ton of water to wash the powder out so you can actually taste something again.

I did not get any chocolate and orange flavour to this. it seems the chocolate was only there to a) give it some sort of flavour and b) bind the entire nougat part together. But it did fill me u[p for the rest of the day. Probably because my stomach was still trying to figure out what it was I had just eaten.

Overall: 2/10. I don’t even know what this consists of. If you have these things regularly, please do educate me!

T xxx