PHD smart plant peanut butter and jelly protein bar

We had a big walking day the other day and in 30 degree heat (Celsius) it was not going to be an overly pleasant day. I therefore thought it best to bring some heavy duty snacks with me to keep me going throughout the day and thought that some protein bars would be a good option. Now I don’t have them that often because usually protein bars are more sugar than any other ingredient, but in this heat and with so much walking I thought it best to keep my sugar levels up and not risk heat stroke.

I decided to try this PHD smart plant protein bar. I have found the PHD protein range to be really good quality and to actually taste good too, as well as having really good macros to it. The protein bar was surely a safe bet and so I decided to try the peanut butter and jelly one.

Now right off the bat this bar isn’t too bad. Does it taste like peanut butter and jelly? No, not really. But it doesn’t taste bad either. It was definitely more savoury than you’d expect a bar to be but I would not have been able to tell the flavour had I not already known it. It didn’t really even taste of peanuts, although it did have that odd texture that you usually get with peanut-flavoured things. The almost grainy texture? That’s the one I mean – like peanut paste more than actual peanuts. In all honesty it tasted more like a plain protein shake…like maybe a very subtle vanilla flavour?

Luckily the chocolate covering gave it a nice little taste and it also had rice krispee treats (or something similar) to the top of it which gave it a very satisfying crunch. The main bulk of the bar though had a texture similar to nougat, where it was light and fluffy but also kind of sticky. Again, not necessarily a bad thing as I did actually quite enjoy the bar for just being quite basic.

Price wise this bar was £2 in my local Tesco. Now you do get a pretty big and long bar compared to your basic chocolate bars, but I still think £2 is too much to be spending on one little bar on a regular basis. I imagine these would be good snacks for those very active days, or if you were camping/hiking/festival going and needed some high energy foods that didn’t take up too much room, then sure these would work. But as an every day ‘healthy snack’, I honestly think you’d be better off just having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It would be way cheaper in the long run and I feel it would fill you up just as much.

Overall: 5/10. Nice enough but unfortunately not exactly what is advertised.

T xxx

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