B. Filter finish foundation

I want to preface this by saying that I am very inexperienced with make up. I am slowly learning new tips and tricks for make up looks but overall I am pretty basic in my knowledge, especially when it comes to proper application and how to get that truly flawless make up look.

I was always quite a big fan of Superdrug’s own brand make up line, B. It was always very affordable and very beginner friendly – each product was the basic version, so you didn’t need a lot of experience or knowledge to be able to make some easily wearable make up looks. They also offered quite a big range of eye shadows and lipsticks colours, and I remember their foundation being quite a wide range of skin tones as well. However they had a rebrand in the last few years and have become more geared towards the professional make up users, or at least those who have a more advanced knowledge of make up.

This foundation is one of those products that I felt very much out of my depth with. You’re probably thinking ‘how complicated can foundation possibly be?’ and I would say to you, very. This foundation is like emulsion paint. Once it is on, it stays on and I have found it quite difficult to blend. There were definitely many trial and error moments with this and after about 2 weeks of wearing it every day I finally worked out that I had to always start with tiny – and I mean TINY – drops of product and build up.

Now the product itself does say for best results that you should use it with a primer and they were not wrong. This stuff will find every single bump, line or tiny pore on your face and cling to it like no tomorrow. It absolutely needs a primer first because it really does just cling to your face. Unfortunately though I don’t think the coverage is that great – as it is quite hard to blend there were areas where there was too much product that wouldn’t blend out and then other areas that wouldn’t get coverage no matter how much product you used. Perhaps a primer would help with this but I’ve not yet tried that.

As I said I have found that using tiny amounts of product at a time works best. I blend each drop as much as I can before I add anymore to my face and build up the coverage that way. Which again works well for me but it’s definitely not the easiest of products to use, especially for someone quite inexperienced like me.

Cost wise it is still quite affordable, so I’m glad that B. have kept that aspect of their brand. I have tried some of their other more recent products and I think the quality is good for the price, especially fi you want higher quality make up products for a reasonable price. Granted this little tube is lasting me about 6 months at this point because you need so little of the product, but it was quite the learning curve and personally it’s not ideal for me. Most mornings I am only going to work, so I don’t need a really aesthetic make up look, I just need the very basics. Since this product is meant to be used for more professional or advanced looks (or so I feel), it isn’t the type of foundation you can just easily slap on and be ready to go. Sometimes the mornings take longer because I have to spend so long trying to blend the foundation to look more natural, so not really good for those mornings when you’re running late.

Overall: 3/10. For someone more experienced, this product would work well for them, but for a basic user like me it is just too much work for very little pay off.

T xxx

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