Umberto Giannini curl whip mousse

I think I am finally getting the hang of the Curly Girl method of looking after my curls, and while I am now here near perfect my curls are definitely so much more manageable than they were before. The only issue I have with it is finding a styling product that holds my curls in place but doesn’t leave my hair crunchy or oily for he next few days. I have tried the Umberto Giannini curl jelly before and while it was really good on the day, I found that the next few days afterwards my hair had this slightly sticky feel to it.

I decided to go back to the Umberto Giannini products as overall the curl jelly has worked best so far. But this time I went with the mousse. I have not used mousse in years but I didn’t think it would be too hard. Plus I used to find that mousse would go further than gel or hairspray and therefore would last longer.

I have only used this a couple of times but I am very impressed so far. I have found that a palm size blob of mousse (slightly larger than the golf ball sized amount it recommends) is perfect to keep my curls intact as it dries/I diffuse it and leaves my hair with a very satisfying cast over it. The best part though is that when I come to scrunch my hair out of the cast, it does leave my hair with soft bouncy curls and absolutely no residue on it. It doesn’t look like I have put on any product at all which is just fantastic.

It also smells very neutral, and once you have scrunched out the crunch it has a very soft flowery smell to it, or so I have found. Nothing at all overpowering or too harsh as to make you worry about your hair being damaged, but just a very subtle hint. As I say it doesn’t leave any sort of residue on my hair, so styling it over the next few days was very easy and felt like I was working with freshly washed hair. Also, when you first use it the mousse does have a very satisfying ‘bubble popping’ sort of sounds when you squish it into your hair. You can also see where you have put it when you first apply it so you can have a very even coverage, but it disappears as soon as you squish it fully into your hair.

The bottle cost £5 (although I did get this during a sale so I think full price it is about £7) which is quite cheap compared to some of the other options out there, especially for a completely vegan and cruelty free brand. I very much appreciate that there is no vegan tax added onto this brand and so it is quite competitive with the other options out there. I have only used it a couple of times but I do find that the mousse goes further than the gel – with any of the gels I would need at least two handfuls of the product to do my whole head properly whereas one palm sized lump of mousse does the exact same thing.

Overall: 9/10. Works perfectly is easily available on the high street.

T xxx

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