Pudding Stop vegan cookie dough sundae

Oh damn…

Now THIS is how you do a dessert. I think this gave me enough sugar to last me for a good few months but goodness me was it delicious!

A few weeks ago, during some annual leave, we took a trip to St Albans in Hertfordshire. If you have never been, I would highly recommend you visit because St Albans is a beautiful little city. I mean it is technically a city because you have the amazing St Albans Cathedral, but it feels far more like a village. The high street is packed with little boutique shops, patisseries, book stores and independent restaurants as well as some of your more mainstream chains. It also has some lovely cobblestone side paths that are fun to explore and feels very compact – could easily spend a whole day just wandering around all of the little streets and looking at the adorable cottages that line the streets. It’s also a 30 minute train to London Bridge so can easily make a lovely day trip or long weekend visit. There are a lot of pretty parks to walk around and a lot of roman heritage throughout – most notably being the fact that it is based at the top of a really big hill so you can get some really lovely views at certain points around the city.

Aside from all of the history and cute little boutiques to keep you busy, it also has one of the best pudding places I have ever been to. It is called the Pudding Stop and is always a must visit when we do venture out to St Albans. The city as a whole is really good for vegan options, and they do actually run a vegan market down the main high street at certain points of the year which is always very exciting. The pudding stop have some very good vegan options, and I decided to try once of these.

I will preface this with the fact that I felt like a hummingbird after eating this, but I had also done around 15000 steps so felt it was a reasonable treat. The vegan cookie dough sundae had one scoop of coconut and chocolate chip ice-cream, one scoop of chocolate sorbet, caramel sauce and chunks of cookie dough. Now the coconut ice cream was nice enough but the chocolate sorbet was to die for. It was rich and silky and had a slightly bitter taste to it compared to the other super sweet parts of the sundae, which actually helped offset a lot of the sickly sweetness. The rest is exactly how you would expect: cookie dough was literally small chunks of cookie dough and the caramel sauce was the sweet sauce you’d expect.

I was grateful that they do not give you too many cookie dough chunks as I am pretty certain they were just lumps of sugar. As I say above the chocolate sorbet was the real star of the show and did help to mellow out the overly sweet flavours of everything else. The ice cream was very refreshing and you did get a real hit of coconut with it, which I think I preferred. Sometimes coconut ice cream (at least I feel anyway) can have so many things added to it that it doesn’t actually taste like coconut, so it was really nice to have this creamy and sweet ice cream that did taste like it was freshly made.

This sundae cost £5, which I have to say was an absolute bargain for the amount you get. It does not sound like much but they are very generous with their scoop sizes and I did find it quite the struggle to finish. And not just because I felt like I could see sound I was so buzzed! It was fantastic quality and I feel if you were trying to get something similar to this in London or a much larger main city it would cost you at least double (if not triple) that price for way less actual product. As a special one off treat, this is completely worth the price and I would highly recommend it if you do stop by.

Overall: 9/10. Absolutely delicious, but not something I could eat on a regular basis. But absolutely worth the one off treat.

T xxx

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