PSA: Vegan Percy Pigs

One of the biggest staples of Britain is Marks & Spencer’s, and I think the main reason for this is Percy Pig. What started out as a little pig-shaped sweet has now grown into the mascot, who has cakes, sweets, decorations and stuff toys all in his image and his honour. Which is rightly so because Percy Pigs were always one of the best sweets out there and definitely were worth the hype.

Their Percy Pig sweets (and the very many combinations that have followed, including some of Percy;’s farmyard pals) were always vegan friendly but were not fully vegan. Perhaps you saw that wonderful moment where Piers Morgan (some ‘TV presenter’ here in the UK) who tried a gelatin free Percy Pig and then proceeded to act like he had been poisoned. It was quite the show from a man who claims that anyone under 40 is a ‘snowflake’. But I digress…

I have not had a Percy Pig in years but am very excited that Percy Pigs are now offering vegan options. The best part is that they also clearly label the packs that are vegan friendly. The ones I saw on offer (may vary depending on store and location) were Percy Pig Piglets, Phizzy Pigtails and Percy Loves Penny Pig. I couldn’t see if they did the standard Percy Pig as a vegan version, so if anyone does find these please let me know!

I have yet to try these (currently limiting my sugar) but am very excited to see such a well-loved and well-known sweet offering vegan options. Just goes to show how fast the vegan movement is spreading and makes me more and more excited that one day veganism will be the norm.

If you have tried any of the vegan Percy Pigs please let me know how they are! Also let me know which is the best packet of sweets so I know what to get on my next treat day.

T xxx

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