BOL Japanese katsu curry

I finally decided to try the BOL range! I have heard pretty good things about it and their food does always look quite appetising. Unfortunately though, as I don’t have a microwave, that limits a lot of their ready meals – and many other ready meals really. They also tend to be the more expensive option on the shelves so I have always avoided them and gone for something a bit cheaper when needing a quick meal. But I finally decided to just try one.

This one actually could be cooked on the stove which I obviously needed. It took about 5 minutes so definitely an easy meal if you’re ever stuck after a busy day. I also liked that the packaging actually told you to rinse and reuse the pot, which is not something you see very often. My pot is going to be repurposed as a great overnight oats bowl!

Taste wise, unfortunately it did still taste like a ready meal. The sauce especially had that very faint powdery taste to it that ready meals tend to have, although the actual veg contents did seem to be a lot fresher. The rice didn’t end up super sticky and the potatoes didn’t just crumble at the slightest touch. The sauce was not hot at all, which I was quite disappointed about. I definitely did not get an katsu flavour either – it tasted ok but I couldn’t really tell you what the taste was. Mostly just veg…with some kind of sauce? I however did appreciate that the veg that was meant to be crunchy did actually remain crunchy after cooking – it didn’t just turn to mush like most ready meals do.

It was also very filling, so while it may not have tasted amazing, it definitely filled me up for the rest of the afternoon. So effective, but not satisfying.

Now this cost £3 and while that is still expensive compared to some of the other options out there, I suppose it isn’t the worst price? You could probably get this once (or twice depending on your situation) and keep it in reserve for a quick lunch or easy dinner during the week. They do also have a few other flavours in their range, as well as other BOL meals that needed a microwave. I will definitely try the others and let you know which the best one is – although let me know if you have any recommendations!

Overall: 5/10. It’s fine. Not great, but not bad either. A perfectly fine option for an easy and quick meal.

T xxx

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