Buttermilk salted caramel cups

So these were actually a bonus item that came with my Buttermilk Easter Egg. As I have said in that review, Easter Egg chocolate is supreme to all other chocolate, so I won’t directly compare these cups to the chocolate used in the Easter egg. Because it is not a fair comparison at all and I would at least like to give these little guys a chance.

I have only ever seen these sold as big sharing pouches (around 100g or so from memory, and from what I have found online) so I have no idea if these little packets actually exist on the market or if these were exclusively made to go with the Easter egg. I could not find any small packets for sale after a quick internet search, so I would assume that these must be a special packet just for the Easter egg. I also note that these cups look very different to the cups that are shown on the front of the sharing packets, so now I’m wondering if they are entirely different products completely. Anyone else know?

I am usually not a big fan of salted caramel – it’s either too sweet or too salty and it’s so commonly done that it’s really boring now. Have some creativity brands! But that being said I actually enjoyed these more than I thought I would. As with the Easter egg the chocolate is a much darker kind than the usual milk chocolate, so tasted bitter rather than sweet. Now I really enjoy dark chocolate so I don’t mind the slight bitterness. But the salted caramel actually balanced that bitterness quite nicely and made the different flavours stand out while somehow still complimenting one another. Because they are slightly bitter though, it means two or three are normally enough to satisfy any sweet cravings you had. So I guess this little packet would do you for at least 2 little snacks.

The little cups are also perfectly tempered (I believe that is the right word) so that when you bite down on the cup you have this ultra satisfying crunch. They are pretty small so it made that crunch – and the subsequent caramel explosion – really satisfying indeed.

As mentioned above I do not know how much one of these little packets costs, as I am not sure they exist outside of the Easter egg packet. However the sharing pouches I have seen don’t seem overly expensive – ¬£2.50 seems to be the going rate for these – which isn’t too bad considering you get 100g. Obviously you have the vegan tax to consider, especially because Buttermilk as a brand appear to be fully vegan. But as always I hope that as demand for vegan food rises and the demand moves products quickly off of shelves, that the price for vegan treats will eventually settle down to match all of the non-vegan options out there.

Overall: 7/10. Very surprised by these. Shame you can’t buy them separately but then again who would ever say no to an Easter egg?!

T xxx

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