Buttermilk salted caramel Easter egg

It is now April and with April comes Easter! Now I am not religious in any way, but any holiday that involves a load of chocolate is a good holiday in my books! Unfortunately the vegan tax seems to hit Easter eggs really hard, as I have yet to find any vegan friendly Easter egg for under £5 near me. If anyone knows where to get one for a reasonable price, please let me know!

I was actually gifted this Buttermilk Egg by a colleague although I have seen them on sale for £5 – £8, depending on what shop you go to. I was slightly apprehensive (you all know my views on salted caramel by now) but I have heard very good things about Buttermilk products so decided to give it a go. Now I always found that Easter egg chocolate was ten times better than ordinary chocolate. I have no idea why, but it just does. So I was hoping that this egg would also taste ten times better than the normal chocolate.

I have also not tried any other buttermilk products before this so I don’t actually have anything to compare it to. But I can compare it to the other chocolate I have had and…the theory holds: Easter egg chocolate is just superior in every way to ordinary chocolate. The egg itself didn’t taste too much like salted caramel – I think the chocolate was a darker option than your standard milk. This meant that the chocolate itself was quite bitter, so the very slight caramel taste did sweeten it up without having that sickly caramel flavour that salted caramel usually has. At least in my opinion.

To some extent I can see where the price tag is justified because it is a pretty big egg, especially compared to some of the non-vegan options out there. The danger of this though is that this chocolate egg is HORRIFICALLY moreish – I pretty much ate the whole thing in a weekend. Again I don’t know if that was because of the bitter chocolate that made it far less sickly than ordinary chocolate, or the Easter Egg chocolate aspect that just made it so damn satisfying.

Overall: 7/10. A very nice start to the Easter treat train, and a welcome break from sickly sweet chocolates.

Unfortunately this will likely be the only Easter Egg that I actually review. I am working to better my health and focus more on my nutrition and while I am still having my little treats here and there, I am making a conscious effort to try more whole food recipes rather than the processed bits. While I am slowly getting to grips with all of this, I haven’t documented too much of it as it is quite boring: It’s a lot of fruit and veggies, in somewhat dull recipes while I figure out what works best in each recipe. Once I have mastered these I will of course share some of my favourites! Although if any of you have any go-to recipes for me to try I would love to hear them!

T xxx

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