Oatly whippable vanilla custard

To start with, I have never actually liked custard. I never liked the taste or he texture and no matter what custard always had that gross skin across the top of it, so I made sure to avoid custard like nothing else. HOWEVER, my partner and I had his parents round for dinner the other weekend and as they are a family of custard lovers we decided to try this new stuff.

I also haven’t tried Oatly too much, mainly because their milks are double the price of most other brands and taste no different. But I have heard very good things about them – I think their barista range of milks are one of the few vegan milks that doesn’t split when mixed with boiling hot coffee. Plus their marketing team always come out with genius campaigns that are always a delight to see. My personal favourite being the ‘it’s like milk, but for humans’ which was used to promote their milks.

I only realised this when I got home but our electric whisk has been swallowed by our kitchen and for the life of me I have not been able to find it anywhere. So I did attempt to try and whip it by hand. I have done this before with cream so I thought it would be mostly the same, but let me tell you after about 45 minutes I lost all interest. And feeling in my hand. So if you are going to try this, please let me know how the ‘whippable’ part goes for you because I am intrigued.

Now I remember custard always being a lot more like yogurt – very thick and sweet. But this stuff was a lot thinner in texture and wasn’t overly sweet either. It had the very slight vanilla flavour to it but nothing strong or overpowering. I had this with apple and strawberry crumble, and the custard actually helped to dilute a bit of the sweetness from the apple and the strawberries, without really changing the overall flavour. It was therefore a nice addition to the dessert, but not nice enough for me to want to each it with every single dessert moving forward.

Price wise, it is pretty expensive. Again the vegan tax hits Oatly hard: This packet of 250ml cost £2.50. Which is just….insanely expensive. Now you can buy a ready to mix packet of dairy custard for about 70p in most stores, so the vegan tax is very powerful. That being said, it costs the same as the Elmlea vegan cream and the Food Heaven whipped cream so perhaps it is fairly priced for the product. From looking at my local shelves, this is one of the few vegan custards out there and vegan creams in general seem to be very few and far between. So maybe this price is purely a starting figure, and once demand for the product picks up then the price will slowly be lowered. That may be wishful thinking, but I live in hope!

Overall: 6/10. It is a good option, but for me I cannot justify that price for any weekly dessert. Special occasions only I think for now!

T xxx

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