Milkybar chocolate

I was very excited when the main chocolate brands said that they would be making vegan versions of their favourites: Milkyway, Bounty Bars (don’t hate me, I loved bounty bars back in the non-vegan days!), Galaxy. But they truly lied to us with this, because all they really did was bring out chocolate bars with a slight flavour to it.

Case and point…the MilkyWay bar. Now I know a MilkyWay bar as being the nougat filling covered in chocolate. Now these were never my favourites as I am not the biggest fan of nougat, but every now and again they were a nice change. Which I was excited to see how a vegan version would work because nougat should be pretty easy to replicate: It is mostly nuts and sugar with egg whites, but you could remove the egg whites pretty easily I would have thought. But no…we got a chocolate bar.

Now I know that this is meant to be based more on their MilkyWay stars, which are like chocolate chips but shaped like stars. But they added a little extra to the chocolate with the popping candy element. I defy anyone to not love popping candy, because it really is so much fun, so adding it to anything makes the base product ten times more enjoyable. But that being said this chocolate felt so lazy. The chocolate itself tastes no different to every other vegan chocolate out there. It definitely doesn’t melt very well in your mouth, so it made the popping candy element a bit short lived because you couldn’t sit there and let the chocolate melt as the popping candy started to pop off. The chocolate tasted slightly powdery, which some lower quality vegan chocolate can tend to do.

Also this is supposedly the recommended serving size….

Now if this bar was the same price as the lower quality options then I wouldn’t mind so much, but this bar was £2.50. £2.50!!?? For 85g of product. Now you can get a Galaxy bar (granted it contains dairy) for £1 and get 110g of chocolate. So not only is the MilkyWay bar horrifically overpriced, it is absolutely tiny and is also very thin – there is barely anything in this bar and yet the vegan tax is added. It would be cheaper to just buy a big bar of the Nomo chocolate and a packet of popping candy and combine the two manually as you’re eating. At least then you’d get some really good chocolate to justify the horrific vegan tax.

Overall: 2/10. The popping candy makes it, but the chocolate is laughable. Worth a try just for the popping candy, otherwise feel free to skip this.

T xxx

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