Vemondo chocolate brownie ice cream

It may have taken me a while but I finally managed to get my hands on Lidl’s vegan ice cream range. I’ve seen articles that it is a cheap man’s Ben and Jerry’s, so I was very keen to try it. Unfortunately the Lidl near me is not fantastic, and their vegan offerings can be very hit or miss: Either they have nothing, or they have every single product imaginable. But a few weeks ago I got lucky and managed to grab one of the last tubs of the chocolate brownie flavour.

The articles were not wrong: This really is like a Ben and Jerry’s fudge brownie ice cream. The ice cream is creamy and there are little chunks of brownie scattered throughout. There is also the nice added flavor of a chocolate sauce that is also scattered throughout the ice cream, so that adds a really nice extra flavour to it all. Now the brownie pieces are more like chocolate chip size, rather than the genuine chunks that Ben and Jerry’s uses, but I think I actually prefer them for being small little bites.

The chocolate is also VERY rich. I normally try to limit myself to only one or two spoonfuls of ice cream when I do choose to have it, and I think that even two spoonfuls is a bit much for this ice cream because it really is that rich. Any chocolate craving you have will definitely be satisfied after one bite of this. Even though it is rich though it is absolutely delicious, and tastes like quite a decadent ice cream.

Which is surprising because the tub (500ml I believe) was only £1.99. Lidl you need to contain yourself! For a dessert that will easily last me a good few months, that also tastes like very expensive chocolate, £2 a tub is unheard of. I really don’t think I can justify buying any other type of ice cream now since this matches (if not exceeds) most of the brands out there and is nearly half the price of them all too. Lidl yet again coming in hot!

Overall: 10/10. I don’t think I’ll really buy any other ice cream but this moving forward.

T xxx

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