Pancake Day 2022

Here in England we have what is known as Pancake Day. It is actually Shove Tuesday and is the last day before Lent starts on the Ash Wednesday. Lent is the 40 day period which leads us up to Easter and is meant to be the time where you give up bad habits for 40 days. Somehow, the religious holiday turned into everybody making pancakes. Traditionally Lent is meant to be a period of fasting, so you needed to use up all perishable goods prior to Lent. This usually meant using up products such as flour, eggs and milk. So naturally pancakes are probably the easiest thing you can make to use those ingredients up.

Now I am not religious in any way, so for me Pancake Day is just a perfect excuse to have pancakes for dinner and nobody can judge you. In many years I may have even had pancakes for multiple meals in a day. What is not to love!?

So in order for you all to also enjoy some wonderful vegan pancakes, I am sharing my two ingredient pancake recipe that I swear by. Now please bear in mind that when I think of pancakes I think of the thick, fluffy American style pancakes. The very thin and big pancakes I always think of as crepes – like the french delicacy. This recipe will work for both but I mainly use this to make the thick fluffy kind rather than the thin crispy kind.

You can add whatever you want to these pancakes too. The batter itself is very plain, in the hope that you can then add fruit, chocolate or anything else you fancy to it without the pancake batter being overpowering at all. My favourite go to is lotus biscoff spread and bananas because…well nothing ever beats banana and biscoff!

I hope you all have a lovely meal and if you are religious and participating in Lent, then I hope your fasting and meditation brings you new clarity and contentment. If you are not celebrating, then enjoy the yummy pancakes and if you come up with any fantastic combinations please let me know so I can too try them!

T xxx

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