Galaxy hot chocolate

I am someone who hates the cold weather, so winter is very much the worst time of the year for me. Especially in England, where it is minus degrees, raining constantly and we don’t even have the joy of snow for the most part so can’t even get excited about that! I am also of the age though where any caffeine after about 2pm means I will be awake for the next 12 hours, so a warming cup of tea before bed is out of the question.

Enter the Hot Chocolate. I do not believe that there is anything more comforting on cold winter nights than a frothy and rich hot chocolate. When I first went vegan the hot chocolate options were non-existent, but 2022 seems to be the year that many hot chocolate brands have actually bought out vegan friendly versions. One of my non-vegan favourites was always the Galaxy version, because it genuinely tasted like a melted down galaxy bar. It was rich and creamy and just touched that part of your soul that you thought had been frozen over winter.

I spotted this being advertised for sale at my local Tesco in Veganuary, however they did actually get stock of the product until beginning of February. So I am probably quite late to this party. I have been having a cup a night for past few weeks and unfortunately, it’s a little bit of a let down.

Taste wise it is quite mild. It is definitely chocolate but it doesn’t have that velvet soft creamy texture that I remember from the non-vegan version. However it does mix very well – probably the best of all the brands I’ve tried – and so you aren’t let with that slight gritty texture where some of the granules don’t properly dissolve. So in that sense it is smooth, it just doesn’t have that thickness to it that the non-vegan version did. The chocolate taste is as I say quite mild, however the formula is that you are just meant to add water to it (so no need for warm milk) so perhaps it is the water that dilutes it slightly.

It also doesn’t froth up too well, however again that may be because it is only made with water. Perhaps if you really frothed up milk for this it may be a bit more satisfying. I however do not have such a tool, so this was th best I could manage.

Price wise it is a bit hard to justify – £3 for 250ml worth of powder. The same volume in the non-vegan version is £1.50-£2. So unfortunately you do have to pay that heightened ‘vegan tax’ for this product. I would hope that if it proves quite popular that this would in turn bring the price down, but only time will tell with this. The packet lasted me around 3 weeks, however I have had other packets that were larger volumes and cheaper price that lasted me a good month and a bit.

Overall: 6/10. It is good to see new options available on the market, but I don’t feel much thought was really put into this.

T xxx

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