Wicked Kitchen shittake ramen broth kit

I know I know…I am not usually a fan of Wicked. Every other product of theirs I have tried has used far too much spice and has, for the most part, been pretty uninspired. However I have found that while their pre-made food leaves much to be desired their sauces, desserts and spice kits tend to be pretty passable. So in an attempt to try some new meals I decided to give this a go.

Now we have a pretty sturdy home recipe for a great ramen meal (recipe coming soon I promise!) but wanted to see how it compared to other recipes out there. You would assume that anything you can buy in store must have something special added to it so that you buy it rather than making it yourself. Right?

So the pack came with the broth packet and a packet of dried mushrooms and extra dried vegetables to add to the broth. You still have to supply your own noodles, protein and any other vegetables that you may want to add to it. The instructions are easy to follow and it was a quick meal that didn’t taste like a quick meal. We added our usual favourites to the ramen broth (pak choi, extra mushroom, some What the Cluck chicken pieces, and some tenderstem broccoli) and let it simmer away as we waited for the noodles to cook. The broth packet, in my opinion anyway, didn’t have enough liquid to it. We ended up adding an extra cup of water just to give us some actual broth as it was looking quite thick just on its own.

The overall taste is very earthy – it is mushroom based so obviously it is very rich. Now we did add some water to the broth and yet it still tasted very rich, so can only imagine how strong it would have been just as it came in the packet! That aside, you do have to add a lot of your own stuff to it which is both good and bad: Good as it allows you make a dish that you know you’re going to enjoy because you’re adding what you like, but it is bad in that all you are really getting with the packet is a broth base and you can find n easy to follow recipe online for free. Also if you have never tried making a ramen before, you may not know to add other vegetables or a source of protein (tofu also works well in ramens) to the mix and therefore it could be quite a unsatisfying meal.

This packet (plus our added water) made roughly 3 servings – two normal sizes and then two far smaller sizes if either of us wanted seconds. The kit itself cost £3 so it isn’t exactly expensive. So if you are looking to try making your own ramen at home than this kit is a really good starting point to experiment with what you enjoy and what flavours you aren’t too keen on.

Overall: 6/10. It’s fine as a base, but can still be adapted to suit your own preferred flavours.

T xxx

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