Wagamama’s vegan fish and chips

So I am super late to this party. The vegan fish and chips was a special Veganuary exclusive meal released by Wagamama’s and is due to come off of their menu in the beginning of February. I have been trying to go for the entire month of January, but the nearest Wagamama’s to me seems to be heaving with people every single day regardless of when I go. There is always a queue down the street and no doubt at least an hour or two wait. Luckily though, we walked past it on the way home from work and decided to jump in while it still looked somewhat empty.

Oh boy was this worth the wait. To me, Wagamama’s is the level that all other restaurants need to work towards and aim for. They have committed to making 50% of their menu plant based and they do all of the favourites as a vegan version too. It baffles me that in today’s age there are restaurants still saying that the only vegan food they have on offer i a Beyond Meat burger and some sort of salad or spicy pasta dish as if that is supposed to impress us. Then you look at the like’s of Wagamama’s who not only have 50% of the menu vegan friendly, they also have some exciting and delicious meals: The Vegatsu is still my all-time favourite dish of any restaurant and in one of their ramens you can actually get a vegan egg made out of aquafaba and sriracha. Take note every other restaurant!

The fish and chips were lovely. I believe the ‘fish’ part is tofu, with a soft and crispy batter. It was served with sweet potato chunks (rather than chips) which were covered in a bang-bang red onion sauce. They also did a mushy peas type side which was tofu, rice and peas and you got the two sides of ‘tartar’ sauce and some vegatsu sauce too. The fish itself was very light and did flake the same way actual fish does. It didn’t overly taste of anything except, well, batter…but when mixed with the mushy peas or the sauces it was just the right balance of flavours. Which is really all fish and chips ever tasted of anyway.

The sweet potato chunks and the bang-bang sauce really did pack a punch – I was VERY grateful for the tartar sauce as it did manage to calm the sauce down a lot and helped stop my mouth from setting on fire two bites in. I also believe that sweet potato is the best of all potatoes so that was an easy win in my books.

The full vegan menu!

I would say that Wagamam’s is pretty mid-level in terms of pricing: Two mains, a side and two drinks for the two of us cost around £35. You could obviously find somewhere far cheaper but you could also find somewhere far more expensive for no where near as much food. The meals itself was a really good size – I could easily finish the meal and not still feel hungry afterwards, but not so full that I felt like I couldn’t move or that there was too much food on my plate to handle. Also every meal in Wagamama’s is delicious – their standards are high and their food is consistently amazing no matter what you are getting. Pick anything off of their very large menu and you will be in for a very enjoyable meal. It is a shame that the fish and chips isn’t a permanent addition, but they do have such a wide menu perhaps they don’t need any new additions. Maybe they may bring it back later in the year, but for now we shall have to wait and see.

Overall: 9/10. Vegatsu still wins overall, but this was a really fun and exciting addition that I hope we see again!

T xxx

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