Subway TLS

A new addition to Veganaury that actually seemed somewhat disappointing was the Subway Taste Like Steak (TLS). Now I love Subway – their business model is simple but they do what they do well. They make tasty sandwiches (even if their bread cannot legally be called bread in some places!) that feel like a fast food meal without being greasy or heavy. So far as being vegan friendly, they are probably one of the best fast-food chains out there, because their sandwiches by default are vegan and they offer a variety of vegan products like the veggie patty, the Taste Like Chicken and the Meatless Meatballs.

I was sort of hoping that they would therefore come out with something quite new for Veganuary, but we just got steak pieces. Now as someone who has eaten maybe three bites of a steak in their lifetime – I don’t see the hype around steak. It has never looked appealing, it doesn’t taste nice and it just seems like the most basic and boring meal you could ever cook. But for reasons I will never understand, people go nuts for steak. Even going so far as putting steak into a sandwich. Hence the TLS addition.

To give it credit, I feel like I didn’t really prepare the right sandwich in order to really appreciate the steak. I am a big fan of the TLC pieces so thought that these may be very much the same? The TLS pieces were actually quite nice, as they did add an almost smokey flavour to the sandwich and were a bit tougher in texture than the TLC pieces. But as to their overall taste, I feel I had too many vegetables and sauces on top of it to really get the full affect. So perhaps next time I will try it with just the steak, some cheese and maybe some lettuce – keep it simple and plain and see how the steak really performs.

The other downside is that it appears that the TLS has now replaced the TLC – at least in any shop that I have been to near me. So does it really count as a new addition if it is technically replacing an already existing option? Strictly speaking the number of vegan options has not actually changed. I am also unclear whether the TLS will stay past Veganuary as I cannot find a clear answer online. If anyone knows, please let me know!

Overall: 3/10. Although this may need to be amended the next time I try it…

T xxx

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