Trevor Sorbie curl cream

I am still trying to persevere with my Curly Girl method so am still trying to find the right products for my hair. The Trevor Sorbie range is completely new to me: I have never used them before for anything, and I haven’t seen that much about them on social media before. But they are one of the few products that was labelled vegan and cruelty free so I decided to try something out of the comfort zone and see how it went.

This does not lie when it says that it is ‘firm hold’. It is almost like glue. Which I was very surprised at. It feels like a really light cream in your hands, so being naive I coated my hair a bit too thickly the first time I tried it and my hair was almost concrete once the cream dried. I have since been a lot more sparing with the creme and so far it is working quite well.

Well it works well on wash day. I find that by day two, after sleeping on my hair, my curls are a lot wilder and the cream just keeps their wildness in a more tame way. As I say I am still learning what works best for my hair so this may just be something that I need to practice to really get the full worth from it.

That being said I am quite impressed with it. It is firm hold so on wash day my curls are actually defined, and while my hair is still quite big, it isn’t from frizz. I have also noticed that the reset days seem to work well with this product – I can wet my hair, brush it, scrunch it as normal and there will still be enough product in my hair to keep most of my curls defined and reduce a fair amount of the frizz that I normally have. Now this may just be me still using too much of the product, but so far it is working quite well for me even if it is a change to my usual hair routine.

Price wise, it was £7 (I bought it from Superdrug) for 150ml which sounds expensive, but the way I deal with my hair I would probably go through this whole tube in about 4-5 months. Maybe even longer if I start to use less of the product. Like I have said this does seem like a very sharp learning curve for me as it is a very different product to what I have used before and it is also a lot more heavy duty.

I feel I may have to do an update on this once I have finished the tube of product…I shall keep you updated!

Overall: 5/10. So far it is ok, but I think time will tell as to the longevity of this product.

T xxx

2 thoughts on “Trevor Sorbie curl cream

  1. I have short curly hair . Masks and hats have reeked havoc with my hair. I am always looking for new products . Thanks for sharing.


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