Krispee Kreme caramel doughnut

I feel it is my duty to try all of the Krispee Doughnuts so here we are! This time I went for the Salted Caramel doughnut. I still believe that salted caramel is a really lazy option for vegan treats, as there are so many other combinations that would be far tastier and far more exciting. I think every single brand out there has salted caramel as their vegan option and honestly it gets old quick. Especially if you’re like me and don’t like caramel all that much anyway. But I had been very impressed by the other new vegan options that were release so I thought it only right to give this one a go too.

Now this was not good. I missed the part of description that told me it had a salted caramel filling, so I went into this just expecting a simple caramel topped doughnut. I like caramel in small doses, so was quite looking forward to this. It was the lovely soft and fluffy dough that you’d expect and the chocolate and caramel on top was a nice combinations of flavours without feeling too sickly.

But then I bit into the middle and got at least 90% of the caramel filling in one bite. I nearly gagged. I have never had my mouth welded shut before but this was very similar – there was so much caramel that I truly struggled to even open my mouth. It was so sickly too that my immediate reaction was to just spit it out, but it was so gummy and sticky that I couldn’t open my mouth to do so. After about ten seconds of my inwardly panicking that this was how my life ended, I finally managed to spit it out and now I think I have a fear of these doughnuts.

I’ve said before that I am not the biggest fan of caramel as I find it so overpoweringly sweet, and I always find that salted caramel tastes burnt to me. But I thought that if this had just been a standard doughnut, with the caramel top and nothing in the middle, that it may actually be alright – there would be no overpowering flavours and I wouldn’t feel like I was going into sugar shock afterwards. This is therefore your warning to read food descriptions FULLY and CAREFULLY, so you don’t have the experience I had.

Again, this is a speciality doughnut so it was £2.65. So for a near death experience, pretty cheap. But I would say that unless you absolutely LOVE caramel (as in, would happily bathe in the syrup if it was allowed) then do not try this. You have read above how I found it, but then my partner tried it and (being a big caramel lover) gave it a full 10/10. ‘Best doughnut ever’ he said as I hid away from him for fear the doughnut may try to finish me off for good.

Overall: 0/10. Only good for those who live for the caramel. Which if you do, then this will probably be your Holy Grail of vegan food.

T xxx

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