Krispee Kreme chocolate fudge brownie

So these were actually available before the New Year actually began, so thankfully I was able to try the vegan options before my healthy kickstart started! I decided to start with the one I thought I would most enjoy, and it was the chocolate fudge brownie.

This was no where near as sickly as I thought it would be. It also wasn’t as…gross as I thought it might be? As in I thought I would eat it and need to lie down from the amount of sugar coursing through my veins. But it was actually quite mild. The dough was soft and spongey and the icing wasn’t overpowering at all like icing can tend to be. There was some chocolate in the middle of it but I think this must be mostly dark chocolate as it was almost bitter. Which when combined with the sponge and icing was actually a really nice combination, as the sweet and tart mellowed each other out a bit.

I actually felt quite satisfied after it too. I didn’t feel sick, but I also didn’t still feel hungry. I also didn’t feel bloated and gross like some sweet treats sometimes can make you feel and I honestly expected that when I saw just how sweet the doughnuts looked on display.

Now the main question – did it beat Doughnut Time? Now those who have read through my posts will know that Doughnut Time is one hell of a guilty pleasure. The doughnuts on sale there are extravagant and extra and are a once in a while treat (and not just because of the fact that they are exclusive to London) that I do not have on any regular basis. This Krispee Kreme doughnut however, I probably would have more often. It isn’t as sweet and sickly, and are quite a reasonable size too. They aren’t anything spectacular (the Doughnut Time options are works of art on their own right) but are definitely an easily available and affordable option.

Price wise this doughnut was £2.35. Which isn’t that expensive, especially when you can get a pack of 6 for £10. They are however slightly more expensive than the non-vegan options, possibly due to the fact that they are considered ‘limited’ or ‘special’. There are one or two ‘special’ non-vegan doughnuts which are the same price so I guess there isn’t too much of a vegan tax on them. Unfortunately though, it seems as though you still cannot get just a plain glazed doughnut from Krispee Kreme unless you order it directly from their website, and even then you have to order a 12 pack of them (at least near me anyway, it may be different world-wide) which just seems odd to me. As it stands, the only places you can buy just a plain and simple glazed doughnut is Gregg’s, and a plain sugar ring is available at Wenzel’s. But it’s nice that we vegans can now have an option that is a little bit special.

Overall: 8/10. Surprised I enjoyed this as much as I did. Definitely a good contender, especially for something a bit more special than just a glaze or a sugar ring.

T xxx

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