Kings smokey bacon jerky

Now this is a real weird one and not something I would normally ever try. But it is new, it had pretty good reviews online and I fancied being a bit more adventurous. I also hoped that it would stop me cravings sweets in the middle of the day so it was worth a try!

First thing first, the taste: really really good. It does actually taste like bacon – I find vegan bacon can be such a difficult thing to get right and so far brands have not gotten too close to the original. But this stuff tastes really, really good with that rich smokey flavour. So on that front, 10/10. Probably the best ‘bacon’ flavouring I’ve ever come across. I also gave a few pieces to some non-vegan colleagues that they all agreed that you would not be able to tell the difference between this stuff and the non-vegan variety. So definitely a win!

but that texture….oof. So I have never had jerky, so I guess I don’t really have much of a frame of reference for this. I do however know that jerky is basically really, REALLY dehydrated meat that cowboys chew on long horse rides as it lasts ages and yet still tastes like meat. This stuff however, was like chewing an eraser (or for us Brits, a rubber). It was SO chewy, to the point that I actually panicked that I had eaten some of the plastic packaging because even after 20 seconds of chewing, it had not changed it’s shape or consistency at all.

After the first bite though, after I knew what I was expecting, this was actually quite enjoyable. Be warned though after about 3 pieces you do have to take a break because the jaw ache is intense. The pack comes in little chunks of jerky – instead of the long, flat shapes I think jerky usually comes in – but a handful was more than enough to satisfy me for about an hour or two before it was time for lunch.

Price wise it is about £2.50 a packet and the packets are not that big. However you do get a lot of chunks in a packet, so it could easily do you for a good week or so of little snacks. Now on the packet it does say that once opened you need to eat within 24 hours and 1) I don’t know what sort of power jaw you must have to make it through a whole pack in one day without needing medical help and 2) I don’t know if it more to protect the texture of the jerky rather than because it will actually go off. But basically if you plan on buying a packet make sure you can share it with others – unless of course you do have the jaw of a crocodile to cope with that amount of chewing.

Overall: 6/10. Very tasty, but the texture still throws me a little bit.

T xxx

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