Fancy Plants salted caramel pots

In an attempt to look after my health, I have been trying to find a healthy yet still tasty treat that satisfies my sugar cravings without causing me to eat an entire packet of biscuits. I found these at Tesco and decided to give these a go.

The texture is not what I was expecting. It is like a really, really thick yogurt. Now there’s nothing wrong with that at all, but when you first put your spoon in it feels somewhat whipped, so you almost expect it to be very light and fluffy. As I say nothing bad about that, just be prepared.

Taste wise, it’s alright. I found it a bit too salty in comparison to the caramel part, so it was a bit too savoury for my liking. And also not at all what I had expected. Like I say it tastes nice, but it isn’t sweet. Make of that what you will. The pots look quite small, but one pot was more than enough. They’re nice, but definitely not something that would get rid of my sugar cravings.

Price wise they are quite expensive – I found these for £3. The pots as I say are quite small, and while the portion is more than enough for one person, they are still quite expensive for how much you actually get. They were nice enough to try but personally, not really mu cup of tea. Also, what is it with every vegan brand out there only offering salted caramel deserts? In this day and age I feel like brands need to start pushing the limits a little bit and trying flavours that are not just salted caramel.

Overall: 4/10. Pretty bland and somewhat overpriced for what you get.

T xxx

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