Doughnut Time Sia Later

We recently took a trip away, which required us to take the train from London. Which meant that after quite a hectic couple of days away it seemed only right that we reward ourselves with another Doughnut Time. I think we managed about 50k steps over the two days we were away so we needed that sugar fix for the final hour train ride back home.

I decided to try the Sia Later doughnut, which was red velvet with cream cheese style icing on top and dried raspberries. Very similar to the Liam Hemsworthy one they did, but obviously without the brownie pieces! To give you an idea as to their size, here is a picture of it in my hand. Now I do have slightly smaller than normal hands but still…these doughnuts are genuinely colossal.

I really enjoyed this one, as the doughnut itself was pretty simple: red velvet, with icing. Personally, I found the icing very overpowering – but I find that icing is always overpowering – so I only managed about 3 bites before I had to scrape the icing off and actually enjoy the doughnut. The raspberries were a nice little tart addition, but there weren’t enough of them to be in every bite. Just one of two bites really had that sharp raspberry tang to it. So more raspberries would have been nice, along with less icing.

I am finding that when it comes to these types of desserts (the very extravagant, showy ones) less is definitely more and the simpler ideas are normally the better ideas. I’ve said before though, that with Doughnut Time it seems every single doughnut is a winner, so no matter which one you pick you are going to be in for a real treat, but in my personal opinion I think I will now stick to the simpler doughnuts as I seem to enjoy those most.

Again, Doughnut Time is really expensive. Each doughnut is about £5 so definitely not something I would eat on a regular basis. In reality I usually only have one of these doughnuts maybe once or twice a year, depending on how many times we actually venture into London for a tourist day. If you are visiting London, definitely pick one up just for the sheer experience of it, but for me this is definitely not something I could afford nor eat on too regular a basis.

Overall: 7/10. Doughnut is lovely, but needs less icing as gets very sickly very quickly.

T xxx

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