PSA: Choccy Dodgers!

A lady at work bought these in and turns out they are also vegan friendly! They are basically Jammie Dodgers…but with chocolate instead of jam. They are made by Jammie Dodgers so really there isn’t anything special about them, aside from the fact that they have chocolate in the middle.

Have any of you guys tried BN Biscuits? They are these sandwich cookies from France that are square, have a smiley face on the front and have a chocolate filling in the middle. My family I and used to go camping in Northern France a lot when I was little, and these cookies were a staple of those holidays. They are not vegan friendly, plus I think you can only buy them in France or via Amazon, but these new Choccy Dodgers genuinely take me back and are a nice little reminder of past holidays.

Not really ,much to say about these…they are Jammie Dodgers, but with chocolate. Personally, I do prefer the jam ones as an overall biscuit, but just for pure nostalgia reasons these chocolate ones are good. Give them a go!

Overall: 6/10. Chocolate biscuit, not really much to them, but a fun new addition to the vegan selection.

T xxx

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