Yo! Sushi vegan box and gyoza

I am normally so good with my weekday lunches: it’s usually a big bowl of fruit, some hummus and veggie sticks to dip, and a sandwich of some sort. It’s probably not the most perfect lunchtime meal, but it keeps me going for the rest of the day and sees me through to dinner. That being said, it does get quite boring after a while of eating the same things every day.

So I decided to treat myself to something a bit more exciting. Now the Yo! Sushi near me is constantly packed, so I did order this on UberEats to ensure I got what i actually wanted. I have never had Yo! before, so I went into this very blind, but seeing as how the local shop is always packed with people I assume it must be pretty good food.

I went for the vegan box as that seemed to give samples of each vegan sushi piece that they did, so would let me try them all without having to buy them all separately. I also went for the gyoza because….gyozas are always great! It came with six avocado maki, two inari tacs and three yasai rolls. Now the maki rolls are pretty standard – I don’t think it’s possible to make rice, acovado and seaweed taste bad – so are always yummy. The inari tacos were also very yummy, but they are super messy. That may be simply because I am not great with chopsticks, but they did seem to be packed to the brim with filling so every bite would send the filling out the other side. They also quite the kick of spice, which was quite a shock for me.

My personal favourite were the yasai rolls. The sweet tofu, the vegetables and the mayo and teriyaki sauces just add an extra layer to it all. It seemed like a good middle ground between the simple maki and the big inari tacos. I could have eaten a whole plate of just the yasai rolls, so I think I will definitely pick these up again!

The gyoza was not really my cup of tea. They were very tasty, but they were fried. Maybe it’s because I have only ever had gyoza from Wagamama’s where the gyoza are all boiled, so are obviously a lot lighter and softer. The fried ones were just…strange to me. Probably because it was not what I was used to. Also whatever they fried them in seemed to take a lot of the flavouring away from the actual gyoza contents. It seemed quite salty, so you will definitely need a drink with these to help wash them down. Still very tasty, but I think I prefer my gyoza soft rather than the hard fried version.

The thing that really shook me, was the price. I did buy through UberEats so obviously there was a slight increase in price than if I had gone to the shop in person, but even then the two packets cost about £15 – just on their own!! Um…WHAT? Now the food was very yummy, but was it really £15 worth of yummy? This would literally be something I order maybe once or twice a year, let alone on a monthly basis. I mean £15 would probably be enough to make my lunches for a week (if not two!) so to spend it all on one meal seems stupid to me. Especially when you think of some of the other options out there, it seems expensive even for sushi. I am glad I tried it, because I’d wanted to for ages and wanted to see if the hype was legit, but now that I have I don’t think I’ll be going there too often…unless I declare bankruptcy.

Overall: 6/10. Super overpriced, but worth the very rare indulgence.

T xxx

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