Linda McCartney’s tomato and basil meatballs

I think I have found the meatball of all meatballs. The best of the best. In the ranking of vegan meatballs, these are currently top of the board.

Linda McCartney is normally a pretty sure thing: No matter what you choose from the entire range, it’s going to be good. The food isn’t amazing, but it is consistently high quality. I always make sure to have some of the mince or the chicken pieces in my freezer because they add that little bit of protein and little extra something to a meal without much effort.

These were tomato and basil flavoured meatballs, so in hindsight I probably shouldn’t have used them in a tomato and basil sauce. They are really good though. They taste like spaghetti (probably easiest way to describe the flavour) without having any overpowering flavours. The texture is also a lot lighter and softer than most other meatballs: I find with meatballs they tend to be really solid, chewy balls that can end up being very stodgy and filling. But these ones almost crumble when you eat them. They maintain their shape really well so don’t worry about them falling off your fork or anything, but they really do seem to melt in your mouth and are very light and airy meatballs.

Price wise, Linda McCartney is a bit pricier than others on the market. Being one of the first brands to even offer vegetarian food (let along vegan!) meant they could charge whatever they liked and people would have to buy them as they were really the only option. But nowadays there are so many options out there, they need to start being a bit more competitive. Now you do get 15 meatballs in a bag, and as they are frozen they can easily do you about 4-5 meals, without any need to eat them all quickly before they go off. Definitely a good thing in my book and will definitely be picking these up for those emergency meal plans.

Overall: 10/10. So far the winners in the meatball race.

T xxx

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