Wicked! Birthday cake ice cream

Don’t….I already know. It is Wicked so it will probably be disappointing. Ironic right?

I bought this a while ago when they released a load of new products, that I had hoped meant they had maybe improved some of their recipes and actually made food that is…well…nice. But so far, none of it has been good and so I am now steering completely clear of Wicked products.

This ice cream, for the most part, is alright. It’s nothing special, but wasn’t terrible (which is kind of what I had expected for a Wicked product). It tastes like Birthday cake, and it is creamy enough to be ice cream, but it doesn’t do anything new with the formula and doesn’t really impress you with any of it. It’s good….it tastes like what it says it should taste like. But it is nothing groundbreaking or anything to get too excited about.

There isn’t really anything to say about this. It is ice cream, and it tastes like birthday cake. There are also lumps of cake within the ice cream, which is quite a nice addition, but otherwise it is pretty basic. I don’t really know what more can be said.

Overall: 5/10. It’s alright. Nothing fantastic, but nothing terrible.

T xxx

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