Doughnut Time Candyman

A trip into London is not complete until you have been to Doughnut Time. They have shops in Covent Garden, Soho and Borough, so are pretty easy to find if you are in the main central parts of London. I will always recommend visiting them too because their range of doughnuts change throughout the year and every one I have tried has been to die for! So with a free day and lovely sunny weather (for October in England anyway) I took a day trip into London, mostly for a change of scenery and to make a start on my Christmas shopping. It was therefore only right to grab a little treat on the way back…

I decided to try their Candyman doughnut, which as you can see is shaped like a little ghost. Mine did get a little bit squished on the journey home, but hopefully the picture shows you the size and detail of it. I have tried their Hemsworthy doughnut before and in all honesty I could not have eaten one of their huge doughnuts again! Don’t get me wrong, this Candyman was still pretty big compared to most doughnuts out there, but my Doughnut Time standards he is absolutely tiny.

I really enjoyed this. The doughnut dough was light and soft, and the icing was sugary but not overwhelmingly so. I wasn’t feeling sugar sickness after the first two bites like I normally do, and it was just the right amount of sugar. That being said, I definitely could not eat these on a regular basis because my arteries truly could not cope with this, but as a once/twice a year treat? It definitely carbs all sugar cravings you may have for at least 6 months.

Now it does say that there it is filled with Lotus Biscoff in the middle, but I barely had any. As you can see from the picture I had maybe one tiny little drop of it, to the point that I couldn’t even taste it compared to the sugar. I am sure you know how flavourful Biscoff is, so to not even realise it was in the doughnut while I was eating it says a lot for just how little there was in it. I think I had maybe one bite that had even a slight Biscoff taste, but the rest was just your standard sugar doughnut.

Obviously this is a Halloween exclusive doughnut so it probably won’t be around for ages, and I do wonder if it will ever come back again. I actually preferred this to some of the bigger, more extravagant doughnuts that they have on sale. Don’t get me wrong, they are all brilliant and you’d be happy with whatever doughnut you pick, but I preferred Candyman because it was quite a simple design that tasted lovely. Sometimes that is all you need. It’s also probably the first doughnut I have tried from them that didn’t leave me lying on my couch in a sugar coma.

Price wise, these things are expensive. £4.95 per doughnut! But at the same time, the doughnuts are huge, and they do all look every impressive. They also taste amazing, so the price is pretty justified. Doughnut Time also only seem to have shops in London and Reading, so unless you live in those areas this is not a store that you can visit on a regular basis. Hence why I only ever get one when I am on a day trip into London, because after a day of walking around 20K steps through the streets of London, I feel a posh Doughnut has definitely been earned!

Overall: 9/10. The Biscoff addition is pointless, but this is definitely a wonderful seasonal addition that I hope they bring back next Halloween!

T xxx

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