Richmond meat free meatballs

I am a big fan of the Richmond meat free sausages, so was very excited to see them expanding their range slightly. I noticed these, along with some bacon rashers that I will also be trying in the next few weeks. The meat free meatballs currently on the market have been very slim, and the one or two I have tried have either turned into blocks of cement when cooked or are just mushy no matter how much you try to cook them.

I was very impressed with these. Richmond have done it again!

These are really good. Be warned they are kind of weird when you first take them out of the packet, because they are quite a wet, patty-like texture. But once cooked they crisp up lovely and have that wonderful soft centre you want in a meatball. They are also surprisingly filling: You get 16 in a packet, but honestly 4 or 5 is more than enough for a decent meal. Don’t let their small size deceive you!

They are also grease free – some meatballs I have tried end up leaving a thin layer of grease across your baking tray which is then a) gross and b) a nightmare to clean up afterwards. But the Richmond meatballs appear to have little to zero grease. Which is also surprising because they still manage to cook really well, and get a lovely even crispy outside without too much assistance from you.

Downside, is that there isn’t that much flavour to them. The sausages have a load of spices and herbs in them to make them taste exactly like the meat product it is trying to replace, and they therefore do make a really good meal on their own. The meatballs however are really quite plain. That being said, I guess they are made to be added to a sauce so you can always add more flavours to them if needed/wanted. So absolutely perfect to add to your spag bol!

Price wise, I picked these up for £3, so again slightly pricey compared to other options on the market. However, you could potentially get 4 meals out of one packet so I guess that is pretty good value for your money. I also imagine they could be pretty versatile and could be used in a number of different dishes, so you can easily make something tasty using these.

Overall: 6/10. Very plain, but a lot of potential.

T xxx

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