Tesco Free From choc orange bar

Guys I think I have found it…the vegan chocolate orange bar to beat all others. I am sure that we are all aware by now about my utter disappointment with Tesco, following their changing of the ingredients in their own brand chocolate bars to now contain milk. As such, I have not been able to find a decent flavoured chocolate bar, aside from the really plain and simple ‘milk chocolate’ and ‘dark chocolate’.

I found this at my local in the free from section while I was actually looking for something else. I thought I would give it a try because in all honesty the free from chocolate bars are quite nice anyway so even if it isn’t perfect, I knew it wouldn’t be awful.

This is DEFINITELY orange. I would say it was almost the exact same taste as a Terry’s chocolate orange – at least so far as my memory serves – so that is a massive win for me. The chocolate itself is surprisingly creamy (I find plain chocolate can sometimes taste slightly powdery for whatever reason) but the orange flavour was strong and made for a lovely chocolate bar. That being said the orange flavour can at times be a little bit too strong, where it clearly didn’t mix as evenly as wanted, so there were a few mouthfuls that were overpoweringly orange. Could get quite sickly I imagine if you had a whole bar that was poorly mixed, but for the most part I have found that a few squares every now and again just give you a nice little sugar rush and nice fruity pick me up.

Unfortunately there is the free from/vegan tax imposed – granted the whole bar only costed £1.50, but seeing as I could otherwise have bought a dairy version for £1 and an actual Terry’s chocolate orange for around 70p in some stores, it does seem slightly unfair that I have to pay more for an item that (in theory) has less ingredients in it. But I also understand supply and demand so hopefully the more people who buy this bar, the more demand soars and the cheaper Tesco can start to sell them for. Until eventually one hopes the dairy versions are the more expensive options and the vegan ones are the cheapest.

Overall: 9/10. Vegan tax is rude, but worth it for the long run.

T xxx

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