Wicked Kitchen jazzy jam filled biscuits

Right, so I know I said that I wouldn’t be buying Wicked Kitchen stuff again, but I actually bulk bought all of their new items so have to go through all of them. After this though, I will probably just steer clear of them as I have really disliked about 98% of their products. And I doubt that will change anytime soon.

I saw these and decided to try them. When I bought them, I had not had a jammie dodger biscuit since I went vegan (so nearly 7 years at this point!) so had a massive craving for them. For those who have never had a Jammie Dodger, they are essentially the exact same thing as these jazzy jam filled biscuits, but have been around for decades longer. If you are British, then you will understand that they are a staple part of the British diet and are a national treasure.

In typical me fashion, I bought these and then the next day I learnt that Jammy Dodgers recently updated their recipes to be vegan friendly. So…while it is good that Wicked have made a vegan friendly jam biscuit alternative, it seems that the vegan movement has moved quicker than expected because the main biscuit Wicked were trying to replace are now completely vegan friendly as standard. Which is not a complaint, just a very interesting development, especially when people still seem to argue online that ‘veganism will never take on’. Check mate vegan doubters!!


The jazzy jam biscuits are identical to the Jammy Dodgers. I could not tell you the difference, other than their overall appearance. Taste wise, they are identical. They are quite crumbly, so be warned, but they are brilliant for dunking into your mug of tea. SIDE NOTE: Someone told me that the British are one of the only places in the world that dunks cookies into tea, and I find that hard to believe – because there is nothing better than a good ol’ biccy and a cuppa. If you dunk – or do not dunk! – please let me know in the comments because it genuinely baffles me. Like…how do you enjoy your biscuits otherwise?

There isn’t actually any fault to these. The biscuits are a decent size, taste lovely and are the same price of the normal Jammie Dodgers. I don’t have a preference as to which biscuit I would rather buy, seeing as how both are vegan friendly, as they really are the exact same. Both are great, both are a decent biscuit and both are affordable. Possibly the only downside is that I think Jammie Dodgers may be more readily available, as I believe Wicked products are an exclusive range that is only ever stocked at Tesco. Other than that though, I am very surprised by these.

Overall: 10/10. Identical to the ‘non-vegan’ version they were made to replicate, so therefore a win!

T xxx

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