Wicked! Kitchen coconut and pineapple bake

When will I learn….

This is a new pastry that is now on sale from Wicked! Kitchen and I have been mostly deeply disappointed with everything they have made so far, so I don’t know why I thought this would be better. Usually their desserts are better than the actual meals they have to offer, so I thought I would try something weird and new. I mean pineapple and coconut sounds like it should work right? Isn’t that what a daiquiri cocktail basically is?

Avoid at all costs. It was just….gross. There is no other word for it. It tasted like fake coconut and pineapple. The pastry part wasn’t bad (it was a flaky and substantial pastry case) but the filling was just bizarre. Like…I can’t even explain it. Imagine boiling pineapple flavoured candy (so not even real pineapple chunks) in a big pot of coconut water and that’s kinda of what you get….a watery yet somehow jelly-like filling with tiny little bits of pineapple throughout it that just tastes super tart, but not of anything in particular.

I think I have learnt my lesson though. Wicked! did have a standard cherry bake on offer too, which I would hope would be pretty standard (how hard can a cherry pie be right?!) but alas that is for someone else to test. I can no longer suffer at the hands of Wicked! Kitchen.

Overall: 0/10. Just….no.

T xxx

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