PSA: Pumpkin Spice is back!!

Nothing signals the start of Autumn more than the return of the pumpkin spice latte. Or just pumpkins in general really. I must admit I can’t remember the last time I actually ate a pumpkin – they’re normally only available during Halloween and even then, they’re the HUGE pumpkins that are made for carving – but there is just something so comforting about pumpkin smells and flavours.

Unfortunately though it is at that weird time of year in the UK, where it is 2 degrees in the morning and then 20 at midday. So I decided to try the frappaccino this time. The pumpkin spice is vegan friendly, and you can have the frappaccino mixed with any non-dairy milk you like – I went for almond to add to that Autumnal flavour combo. At some Starbucks as well you may also be able to get vegan whipped cream: My local one doesn’t stock the whipped cream though so I had to do without.

This will definitely wake you up. It is weirdly sweet – I’d say a lot sweeter than the hot latte version – but is also very refreshing. Almost like a pumpkin smoothie. Come to think of it I don’t think it had a single drop of coffee in it at all, although I am sure if you asked they would happily add one for you. It made me feel excited for Autumn to arrive, but also let me feel like I had enjoyed some sort of summer at the same time. Naturally it did nothing but rain all through the actual summer, so frappaccinos were the last thing I could think of in torrential downpour.

Starbucks is of course really expensive: £4.50 for a drink?? Mate….no. As someone who is not a big coffee drinker, Starbucks is not really somewhere I go to very often. That being said, a pumpkin spice latte has become a tradition for me. I feel like I can’t really enjoy Autumn until I have had one. It also signals to me that Autumn has truly begun and I can finally break out my fluffy socks, cosy oversized knit jumpers and all the fuzzy beanies I can get my hands on. So £4.50 once a year (maybe twice if I feel like splurging a bit) is pretty manageable.

Would I have the frappaccino again? If the weather next year is still as oddly hot as it is currently, then absolutely. However the latte still wins overall for me.

Overall: 8/10. Not as good as the latte, but a pretty good pick-me-up for the warmer Autumn months.

T xxx

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