Wicked! Katsu kiev

I know, I know…I said I would not give Wicked! must of a chance again but they found my weakness! There is just something so warming and satisfying about a katsu curry, and since the wait for my local Wagamama’s seems to be an average of 2 hours every single day, I decided to try this to curb my cravings.

I am actually very surprised that I like this. Normally with Wicked! kitchen, they say ‘mild’ and actually mean ‘diabolical’. It seems they use nothing but chilli flakes for flavouring in all of their meals – even if that meal is mac and cheese. So I was expecting this to be really really overpowering with the spices and the chilli, but it really was mild. You could taste the slight kick that katsu has, but it didn’t melt your mouth.

The outside is a crispy coating – exactly what you would expect with a kiev – and the inside had the usual Wicked! tofu meat substitute. I am assuming it is tofu because it had that very flaky texture, I imagine to try and replicate a chicken kiev? I also think it was tofu because it just absorbed a lot of the katsu flavour while it was cooking. It was very light and the outer shell of the kiev gave it a nice, crunchy texture.

As I say the sauce does kick a bit, but no where near enough to be overpowering or unpleasant. There is a decent amount of sauce in the kiev, however I wish there could be just that little bit extra: It could just be my oven cooking things unevenly, but we had quite a few burnt edges of the outside of the kiev, and that extra little bit of sauce would have worked quite nicely to negate a lot of the burnt flavouring in some areas. Again, that’s probably my fault for having a not-so-great oven, but it something to consider if you (like me) like to drench most food in a sauce of some sort.

You get 2 in a packet and the packet costs £2.50. Which is actually quite cheap for the amount of food you get. The kiev is a great size, and is perfect for one person. It fills you up without being heavy in your stomach, so doesn’t then leave you feeling bloated or ‘stuffed’. We had it with some veg and a little bit of pasta (it had been a busy day!) and it was a really satisfying meal. If I saw these again, I would definitely pick them up.

Overall: 7/10. Not as good as a Waga’s, but a very close competitor!

T xxx

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