Vegan Kit Kat

I finally found the motherload!! I have heard that these were a thing but had never been lucky enough to find one. The only reason I even got this one is because one of my lovely work colleagues got lucky at her local Sainsbury’s. Apparently you should be able to find them in m,ost supermarkets, but either they are too popular or I am just unlucky because it seems to very hit and miss as to which stores actually stock them and which might get a lucky delivery every so often.

I forgot how good a kitkat is. For those of you who do not know what a kitkat is, it’s a stack of long crispy waffle layers covered in chocolate. They come in long strips as you can see and there is only one correct way to eat them: You split the bars apart, and eat each finger one by one. Anyone who just takes one big bite out of a kitkat without breaking them apart first, is clearly on the brink of mental collapse and you need to run away from them immediately.

The vegan version is identical to the original. I honestly could not tell you any difference in them. They are crunchy, and rich and the most moreish chocolate bar out there. Honestly I could eat these non stop. Aside from a Bounty and a snickers (I am still praying to the plant based gods to finally make a vegan version of both), Kitkats are easily one of my favourite chocolate bars. I nearly forgot how much I love a kitkat and yet one bite and I feel like I am back in secondary school studying for exams or working on coursework: Kitkats and 2 litre bottles of Diet Coke were all that would get my through the really hard subjects some days!

The only downside to these is of course the vegan tax that has to be paid. This bar was £1, which I know is not much at all, but the non-vegan version is only 70p so it does feel a bit cheeky of them to charge more. Surely they contain the same (if not less in the vegan version!) ingredients so why charge me more?! But alas, at the moment you will find that most vegan options do tend to be slightly pricier than the non-vegan options. Not by much, but it can suck having to pay 50p more for an item purely because it says ‘vegan’ on it. Hopefully as demand continues to grow and sales start to even out between vegan options and non-vegan options, the prices will start to become more uniform.

And if to lower the prices it means I have to increase demand and eat these kitkats on a regular basis…I shall do my duty.

Overall: 10/10. Identical to the original and therefore an instant winner.

T xxx

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