Slug and Lettuce vegan mac’n’cheeze

I have been meaning to go to a Slug and Lettuce for some time, but as the one nearby is the only one for quite some miles, it is always heaving with people. But I lucked out this week, as it seems with the bank holiday weekend, people have had their fill of bars and cocktails and we actually managed to get a table.

They do have a few vegan options (nothing amazing but there are choices) but I decided to try the vegan mac’n’cheeze. As you can see, the portion was huge! It came with the side salad and ‘bread rocks’ which were just very very big croutons. I don’t know how I was meant to eat these because they were literally rock hard. When I did manage to bite down, the rocks did taste quite nice, but I also fear I chipped a tooth so….maybe not again?

The mac itself was brilliant. It was creamy and cheesy and just the perfect comfort food. The downside was though the BBQ sauce drizzled on top. At first, it added quite a nice sweetness to the very savoury cheese sauce, but by about half way through the BBQ sauce was just completely overpowering. By the end it was just very sickly, to the point I couldn’t even finish it. Which is such a shame because the cheesy mac alone was so good!

Now the Slug and Lettuce is, at it’s heart, a pub. It is a very pretty pub and is definitely higher class than your regular pub, but it is still quite pub-like. The main focus is on drinks – they offer a drinks tree, which looked very cool, I have to admit – so it doesn’t surprise me that the food isn’t completely stellar. That being said it is definitely higher class pub food, in that it is clearly cooked rather than microwaved and the food actually has full flavours. Price wise, it is therefore a bit pricier than most other pubs, but I do think it is very reasonable for the amount of food you get and the quality of the food.

Overall: 5/10. Way too overpowering.

T xxx

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