Swizzels Puds sweets

I used to love Maoam sweets. Now of course they are not vegan friendly, so I have simply done without them over the years. At first I missed the candy, but there are so ,many candy options now I haven’t really thought about them for some time. And then I saw this packet of Swizzels Puds and got far too excited.

I have never seen these before – and they were very clearly labelled vegan so I naturally snapped them up! Now that I look at the picture of the packaging though, it has only now occurred to me that they are named Great British Puds, because they are literally the flavoured to taste like some of Britain’s best loved desserts. I was clearly too excited to really notice any of the finer details….

These are lovely. They actually taste of what they deem to be a copy of. Personally, the Lemon Meringue was the best flavour that tasted identical to how I remember lemon meringue tasting. The others were still good, but you could tell that they were synthetic. Not a bad thing, just an observation. Be warned too that they are SUPER chewy. These things stick to your teeth like cement so be very careful if you have fillings or braces. In all honesty, I’d even say maybe skipping them all together if you have anything in your mouth which you wish to remain where it is.

The worst part of these – and really quite a huge factor for the score I am going to give it – is the damn wrapping. Just as the sweet clings to your teeth, the individual wrapping sticks to the candy as if life depended on it. I spent more time trying to take the wrapping off than I actually spent eating the candy itself. Plus the more you try to pull at the wrapping, the less likely it is to come off, and you get stuck with those horrible tiny scraps of plastic wrapping all over your hands, which are also now super sticky from holding the candy for about 3 minutes while you try to unwrap it.

The worst part is, no matter how carefully you manage to unwrap the sweet, you will ALWAYS end up with a tiny little sliver embedded into the candy that you then have to try and take out of your mouth while it’s already full with the sticky cement of the sweet.

These sweets taste amazing, but the battle you have to go through to even get to the eating stage is a joke. It’s not even worth it. You’d be quicker making vegan versions of the real desserts and eating that, rather than wasting hours of your life wrestling with tiny bits of thin and flimsy plastic wrapping. If you have time, then definitely give these a go, but be prepared for one hell of a battle.

Overall: For the candy 9/10. For the overall experience 1/10.

T xxx

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