Gregg’s vegan sausage, beans and cheese bake

Gregg’s coming in again with their vegan goodies! I honestly don’t know how I would cope some days without Gregg’s. Those days when work is super hectic, and your ‘healthy’ meal just doesn’t feel like it will be enough to fuel you and you just want something greasy. Good ol’ Gregg’s coming in hard!

I am a big fan of the sausage rolls and the steak bake. Granted they are not the most fantastic option out there, but they are easily available and stupidly cheap, so you can’t really go wrong with one of their treats. Their new sausage, bean and cheese bake finally hit my local shop so I of course had to at least give it a go.

It’s exactly what you expect. Honestly it just tasted like beans on toast. I couldn’t really tell there was any sausage in it unless I really looked for it. Now being British, beans on toast is a staple part of my heritage, so anything that recreates that is a win in my books. I also found the sausages tasted like those fake sausages that came in the spaghetti hoop tins. The sausages that were like tiny little hot dogs that were more chemical than actual food. The type that just seemed to disintegrate the second you put any sort of pressure on them in your mouth. If you know, you know.

Now obviously this is probably not the healthiest option for you, but then what do you really expect from Gregg’s? These also only cost £1.60 so are clearly excellent value for money. These things are stuffed to the brim – I am amazed they don’t all explode when they’re being cooked really – but also be warned that if they are fresh out of the oven they will be molten lava level hot when you bite into them.

Overall: 6/10. I personally prefer the steak bake to this, but this is still a nice, cheap meal option if you’re ever stuck with what to get.

T xxx

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