M&S Raspberry and almond butter bar

Healthy snacks (that isn’t just plain fruit and/or veg) seem to be so hard to get right. Either they are full of sugar – so actually no good for you at all – or taste like nothing. I wonder if one day, someone somewhere will be able to make a good vegan snack bar. That isn’t just dates. Or nuts.

Maybe I ask for too much.

These bars are from M&S, and they are pretty on brand for M&S. They are nice, but they aren’t anything special. They don’t taste very much like raspberries, nor do they taste like almond butter. They just kind of taste…nutty? But with a very subtle berry taste.

They have an odd texture too: They are quite soft, because they do seem to just be smashed fruit and nut butter, but you get the odd chunky bit of nut (or pit? or skin?) that I swear could crack a tooth. You also spend the next twenty minutes trying to pick tiny little bits of seed or nut out of your teeth, so that’s quite a downer.

Size wise too they don’t feel like a decent snack. You finish it and are still hungry, and then about an hour later you’re again looking for another snack before your next big meal. Maybe if they were bigger they would keep you a bit more energised for longer – which is what we want in a healthy snack, lots of slow release carbs – but as they are now they are more like a snack part 2 rather than a full snack on its own.

There really isn’t much to say about these. They’re ok…like they would probably be fine in a pinch. But seeing as you don’t even get 5 in a pack, it’s not enough to last you a full working week. These were given to me by family, so I don’t know how much they were, but as they are M&S I can already guess that they were probably too much money for what they are.

Overall: 4/10. They’re fine. But that’s about it. The hunt continues….

T xxx

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