Fuel 10k chunky chocolate protein granola

As with most healthy food, it seems that the only options are usually pretty disappointing. Granola is meant to be a great start for the day with slow released carbs to keep your energy levels up until lunch time. Downside is that most options contain honey, as without something sweet it is like chewing cardboard. Now there is a whole debate about whether or not vegans should eat honey – something I’m sure I’ll cover in a separate blog post – but I personally try to avoid it. Which means that I just have to accept that most granola will just taste pretty bland. But it is a good breakfast option and while I focus on my health I just need to suck it up.

I decided to try this from Fuel 10k, purely because it clearly stated that it was vegan and it had ‘protein’ in big words. So it must be really good for you right, if it has big words on it?! Now you all get how my brain works…

This granola was absolutely delicious. The dark chocolate chunks added the perfect amount of sweetness to break up the granola taste, but they were rich enough to leave a chocolate taste in each bite. They also do not scrimp on the chocolate chunks – I’d say each spoonful had at least 2 little chunks in it. Which is very generous when you think about it!

The granola also mixed well with the milk. I use soya mainly, but I imagine with any other type of milk it would be exactly the same. I wonder if coconut milk would give it a bit more sweetness? Or maybe almond for a more savoury mix? The options really are endless. Usually with granola the clusters are like rocks – there have been many a time I feared I’d chipped a tooth trying to eat breakfast. But these clusters have just the right amount of crunch to be satisfying, without breaking all of your teeth.

Price wise, they are quite expensive but then I think all granola is expensive. This packet was £2.80, and it is quite a small packet. It barely lasted the week, and that was even with me being very sparing with it to make sure it lasted even that long. Yes it is delicious, but not certain it is really worth it as a regular purchase. I can get basic granola for £1.50 or less so can be a bit hard to justify, especially when I feel like I have to really limit my portion size to make it last a reasonable amount of time. But I would say that you should try it at least once, and if you decide that the price is easy

Overall: 6/10. Very very yummy, but just a bit out of my price range to be a regular purchase.

T xxx

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