In the Mood Cafe: Passionfruit cake

This little cafe is located around the corner from where I work, and yet every time I go past it, it is either absolutely rammed busy or closed. They are a completely vegan cafe, serving cakes, drinks and various hot meals which I believe are changed seasonally. When I visited they had some curry dishes and some superfood salad bowls.

But we all know I was there for the cake….

The selection was huge! They had brownies of various flavours (oreo and biscoff for starters), various cupcakes and about 4 or 5 different tray bake cakes to choose from. I think I spent about 20 minutes just trying to decide what to go for. I decided to try their passion fruit cake, mainly because I have never seen a fruit cake on sale anywhere before.

So I have realised that I am really not a fan of icing on cake: it’s way too sweet and overpowering and ruins any other flavour that a cake or cupcake may have. This icing at least had a bit of passion fruit drizzled throughout it so it did have some tartness to it to stop it being too sickly sweet. But in the end I did just scrape the icing off and enjoy the cake.

Now yes, there is a layer of icing in between the cake layers, but it was so thin that it was actually a nice bit of sweetness to compliment the cake, rather than overpower it completely. The sponge was weirdly refreshing: It was moist and bouncy, like a sponge cake should be, but it tasted like a passion fruit smoothie. It was very yummy to say the least!

The cake was £3 per slice, and honestly that doesn’t sound too unreasonable. Especially when you can find something in Costa or Starbucks for around the same price, and not even get the same quality. I will definitely be going back on a lunch break to test out their entire menu….slowly but surely!

Overall: 7/10. I will have to keep a running rating of the cakes/meals as I try them.

T xxx

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