Plant Kitchen marshmallows

I have heard good things about these but my local store never seemed to ever stock these. So naturally when I finally found a packet I nearly knocked over three old ladies to grab them first. Not even sorry.

These are exactly how I remember marshmallows being: soft and light and fluffy, while also being really sickly sweet. They are only vanilla flavour, despite the colours, but they really do melt in your mouth and give you a nice little sugar kick.

Size wise, I prefer them for being on the bigger size. Mini marshmallows are only good for drinks, but the massive American style ones are just intimidating. As a side note, any of my American readers, can you confirm whether all of your marshmallows are huge? The ones we have on sale here in the UK as being ‘american imported’ are genuinely like pillows – at least 3 of these marshmallows put together. These are a decent size, and you find that two or three are more than enough to satisfy any sugar cravings you may have.

Price wise, they are from M&S so are kind of pricey (£2.50) compared to the non-vegan options. But the M&S Plant Kitchen range is one of the higher quality ranges out there so it is justified so far as I am concerned. Also, it is very unlikely that you will be buying these on that regular a basis, so as a once in a while treat they are easily available and not too badly priced for that. As with all of these vegan foods, hopefully as the demand grows and more options become available, the prices will also lower to be more in line with the non-vegan options.

I have not yet tested their melting capabilities though. It is still pretty hot here in the UK, so hot chocolates are not really on the menu. However, with October fast approaching, I am so looking forward to being able to get out a spooky mug, fill it with pumpkin spice hot chocolate, and load it up with these bad boys…OH I can also make smores! I shall keep you updated…

Overall: 9/10. They are indistinguishable from the original thing, so not sure I can really fault them. Just need to do a melt test….

T xxx

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