Wicked Garlic and Herb kebabs

Wicked kitchen are slowly going up in my estimations. Normally the only food they had on offer were spiced to within an inch of their life, so all you could taste in any meal was chilli. But this range – the options for kebabs – prove that you do not need a ton of spicy flavouring to make a decent meal.

I have tried lemon and herb skewers before although they were from a different brand. There’s just something about a kebab that makes me think of summer – alas English summer went from a week long heat wave to two weeks of flooding rain fall. So…that’s a bit of a bummer. But at least I can pretend with my kebab!

These were actually pretty good. They are a lot tougher than other meat substitutes – definitely a lot denser which means it is very chewy. Not in a bad way…I sort of imagine it’s what pork would be like? Except without the dead piggies. The garlic gives a good kick, but nothing too overpowering. We had ours with some vegetable rice and extra veg and it ended up being a very satisfying meal indeed. Nothing too flashy, but something quick and easy to cook. Will probably have to whip these out if we are ever able to have an actual bbq again.

Price wise though they aren’t brilliant. £3.50 for 4 kebabs doesn’t seem too expensive, but each kebab only has about 3-4 chunks of ‘meat’ on it. Two kebabs each is just the right amount, so if you are cooking these for a few people it will all quickly add up to be quite pricey. I personally think you could also make your own version for half the price, so it is a bit hard to justify this on a regular basis.

Overall:6/10. Once in a while, but not something I will routinely buy.

T xxx

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