Lush’s Twilight bath bomb

A week ago I found myself in self-isolation. My NHS COVID app told me that I needed to self isolate for 5 days, on Sunday night. Therefore for 5 days I had to stay in my house and not go anywhere. At all. I couldn’t even go outside. Which meant that my lovely partner had to go and grab me a load of bits to keep me entertained for 5 days so that I didn’t spend those 5 days constantly annoying him while he tried to work from home.

I am not someone who really takes baths, but they are definitely a great way to spend a load of time. Light some candles, run a boiling hot bath, stick on a nice relaxing playlist (alternatively, I have just discovered LoFi mixes on YouTube – super relaxing and really nice background noise) and grab a good book. Maybe even a cup of tea. My partner surprised me with the Twilight bath bomb so I decided there was no better time to wallow than now.

This was definitely a relaxing bath bomb. It had a really strong lavender fragrance to it (so be warned) so once mixed with the hot water it was ideal relaxing tub time. It was also really relaxing watching the bath bomb melt: It started pink, then moved to blue, and then ended with purple. By the end, my bath tub looked like a glittery galaxy. It was also weirdly hypnotic to lay there and run my hands through the water and watching the glitter and colours swirl around me. I am normally really bad at sitting still – I get restless very easily and have to always feel like I am achieving something – but this bath bomb actually did make me slow down a bit and just enjoy soaking in a tub for a while.

I am a big fan of Lush as I find all of their products tend to be really good quality and really good value for money. I believe this bath bomb is £3.95, which is the standard I think for most of their bath bomb products. I also have long, soaking baths so rarely that I feel £3.95 is actually a total steal for the pampering it provides me. The majority of their products are also all vegan friendly, so there are loads of options to try. Lush also do a lot of campaigning to stop animal testing, so if I can help that cause by soaking in my bathtub for an hour or so, then I am all for it!

It also made my skin feel hydrated and smooth when I came out, meaning I didn’t have to use the lotions and oils I normally do when I come out of the shower. It felt nice to be able to pamper myself a bit, and to give my body a long relaxing soak in some boiling hot water for once. Needless to say I slept like a log that night too!

The only warning I would give is that it does contain glitter so be prepared to be sparkly when you come out. Your bathtub will also be super sparkly once all the water has drained. It did however wash away really easily with just a little hose down with the shower head so no permanent harm was done. I quite like being all sparkly – makes me feel like a fairy – but I know for some people that may be quite annoying.

Overall: 9/10. Super relaxing and very decadent feeling. Probably a new favourite.

T xxx

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