Raw Bake station vanilla choc chic cookies

I found these in my cupboard and realised that I had missed them from a variety box of goodies that I got about a month ago! That sounds so unlike me, doesn’t it? Now I am not usually a big fan of ‘raw’ treats – I’d rather just eat fruit as a ‘raw snack’ than buy these sorts of products. But I guess it is all worth a try isn’t it?

These cookies were tiny little bites, but they were surprisingly quite nice. They don’t taste very sweet, most likely because they are made of oats. The chocolate chunks do give a nice little crunch and a little sweetness to them, but apart from a little bit of maple syrup I don’t believe there is any sugar in these at all.

Now because they are mostly made up of oats, they were very filling and were quite stodgy. I could only manage about half a packet! As a snack I feel this would be too much for me in one sitting, but I reckon this would be a really good thing to eat if you are about to do a massive workout. You know how they say for marathon running you should always carry jelly babies to keep your energy up while running? I think these would be a really good vegan alternative. I definitely felt full for the rest of the day even after only half a packet, so no doubt the whole thing would keep you going for a marathon.

Price wise I did get it as part of a goodie pack, so I’m not sure if you can buy these individually. Looking on their website, you can buy a box of 10 for £18. £8 per packet does seem quite expensive, but I think the majority of raw products are more expensive than you would expect. Not sure why really but I guess it is because the raw food movement is still somewhat niche and not that mainstream just yet.

Overall: 5/10. Way too expensive, but I can see the potential in them.

T xxx

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