McDonald’s vegan burger

I know I know…McDonald’s is terrible. But sometimes it is the only option available to you, especially when you need something quick and cheap. There is also a McDonald’s every 200 metres in most places so it seems that they will always be available. This is also the first McDonald’s I have had in…years. Literal years. McDonald’s has always been quite cheap and cheerful food, but I swear their quality has gone down (hard to believe) and their prices have definitely risen over the past few years. In today’s society, there is no way I would ever choose a McDonald’s over a Subway or a Pret.

Unfortunately though I found myself somewhat short the other day. We had a super busy day, rushing around with errands, and on barely little food to keep us going. We found ourselves at one of our local super centres and the options available to us were either a Costa or a McDonald’s. At the time we wanted something a bit more substantive than just coffee and cake and we also wanted something hot that would hopefully keep us going until our very late dinner.

There is much debate at the moment about whether or not McDonald’s chips are suitable for vegans due to how they are cooked: In the UK though it seems that they are 100% vegan, and have dedicated separate fryers to cook in. I do not know if this is a country wide practice, as it appears that in the USA the fries are cooked int he same oil as meat products, same way that the vegan products at Burger King are also cooked on the same grill as meat products. But I decided to take the chance and order a full McDonald’s meal.

Oh boy…it’s so lazy. You’d think that one of the biggest fast food chains in the entire world would put a little bit more effort into their vegan options. The ‘burger’ is really just two vegetable fingers in a bun. Separately, the veggie fingers aren’t that bad: They tend to be very crispy on the outside, soft in the middle and overall taste ok. They taste exactly like a fast food veggie finger. I think if there is ever a next time I may just have them as a separate meal and not as the ‘burger’ option.

The bun is very dry so it does need sauces to stop the whole thing collapsing as you bite it. The vegan burger does come as default with mayo (not even vegan mayo) but you can easily change it for ketchup. It also comes with a few leaves of lettuce, but other than that it is pretty plain. Again, I don’t expect ground breaking meals from McDonald’s but….they haven’t even tried with this! At least make the veggie fingers into an actual patty.

Perhaps it is because I haven’t had one in so long that I forgot how they taste. But everything was very greasy. Again, not surprised – it’s what I expect from McDonald’s – but has it always been like that? My chips were quite limp, and I remember McDonald’s chips being the best ones around. I could happily have eaten those chips for every meal some summers, but I couldn’t even finish my portion this time. It was also all REALLY salty. Again, I expected some level of salt as it is fast food, but like…all I could taste was salt.

I remember reading a conspiracy theory once that most food places add salt to all of their food, as it means you need to drink more and therefore order extra drinks, and since drink sales is where most places make the most money, they get to earn even more by keeping you super thirsty. I don’t know how true that really is, but after this meal I completely see where the theorists are coming from.

Overall: 3/10. Fine if no other option, but it’s easily one of the worst options available out there.

T xxx

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