The Vegetarian Butcher: What the Cluck pieces

OK so the brand name is slightly confusing, but they actually have a very extensive range of vegan meat substitutes. We decided to try the chicken option first (instead of the duck that was also on offer at our supermarket at the time) as chicken replacements tend to be the plainest and therefore the easiest to work with with most meals.

We tried them in burritos, to see how they dealt with spice, and I am actually a big fan of these.

Texture wise, they are slightly rubbery, but not in an unpleasant manner. They are definitely a thicker meat substitute, so aren’t as flaky as chicken can be. It also lets you know that it is definitely not meat by having that slightly tough and rubbery texture, which I personally prefer; the identical switches always make me nervous that I have actually been subject to a cruel prank and tricked into eating meat.

They took up the flavour of the spices really nicely too, so you weren’t just stuck with the plain chicken. I would like to try these again but leave them in a marinade beforehand as I feel like these would really soak up that flavour. I think you could make a lot of different recipes with these so the possibilities are endless. Also, as they are quite chunky pieces, they definitely fill you up but don’t leave you having any sort of vegan soya sweats like the more stodgier replacements can do.

Overall: 9/10. One of my personal favourites now and am excited to experiment with them more!

T xxx

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