Vegan Butcher: Shrimp

Another new try from the Vegan Butcher counter. As mentioned in my previous post, I was super impressed by the different options the Vegan butcher counter had on offer, and I will definitely be going back there soon to try some of the other things on sale. Part of me fears I may have set my expectations a bit too high with this…

Now I don’t think I have ever had shrimp before. I have never liked the idea of sea food and in all honesty will never understand how anything that smells the way a fish does can ever taste nice. Like…who picks up a dead fish, takes a good ol’ sniff of it and then thinks ‘yes…I shall eat this’?? Bizarre.

Either way, we decided to be a bit more adventurous with our meals and therefore went for the shrimp, thinking we could make a paella with it. Now I must admit it looks just like shrimp, and when cooking it did have that fishy texture to it. I think it is actually made out of tofu, as when you bite into it, the shrimp did have that flaky tofu texture to it. But this was tofu that had clearly been wonderfully prepared, as once cooked the shrimp felt bouncy and a little bit chewy to eat. It wasn’t rubbery at all and did add a nice new texture to our meal that meant the food just sort of melted into your mouth.

Downside was that it still tasted like tofu. It didn’t have any fishy flavour to it. It did soak up a lot of the sauce that we cooked with though, so maybe the key is to marinate these the night before in some sort of vegan fish sauce to really give it that seafood flavouring. Is vegan fish sauce a thing? If any of you guys have ever cooked with vegan shrimp – or have tried to make any sort of vegan fish alternative – let me know what you used and I shall see if that adds anything to it.

Overall: 3/10. A nice texture and visually appealing….but it has no flavour on it’s own. I think a follow up attempt may be needed just to confirm.

T xxx

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